The Blade And Petal Episode 18 Summary

Choong locks his sword with Moo Young and pushes her with their swords still intact to each other away from the General. Their eyes meet, sorrowful gazes from Choong’s and filled with rage from hers.


“Move!”, Moo Young hisses. “I’ve waited for years for this moment.”
Choong can only reply with a sad question, “Why throw your life away?” He understands her completely, he knows how big the hatred she has for his father, her need to take her revenge. But as the person who holds the responsibility to protect the prime minister, Choong tells her clearly that she can’t kill the General. Moo Young screams at Choong to get off her way and pushes Choong hard.


A moment later, the General wakes up as if he just fallen asleep and asks a few minutes to Jang to gain his consciousness back. Meanwhile Moo Young runs to the backyard, crying and sobbing with her emotion and adrenaline rush. Choong catches just few steps behind her, and spots her hiding behind a pole.

Too bad that when he wants to approach her, some intelligence agents stop him middle way which causes Choong to lie and point to random direction to distract them. He still tries to protect Moo Young and at least provides her some time to escape from the palace. Moo Young hears this and she tries her best to pull herself together then leaves the palace, her sword lies on the ground, smeared with blood.

In the palace General Yeon reassures Jang that he’s not offended with how Jang tries to trick him. He however half-mocks Jang, tell him how he should stab the General with his own sword. He knows that deep in his heart Jang acknowledges his authority in ruling the kingdom, that Jang worries Goguryeo will fall with the General’s death. To ensure he doesn’t need to be responsible with the falling of Goguryeo, so then Jang lets Moo Young to do all the killing.

While Moo Young is in the palace trying to kill the General, Geumhwadan separate and do their task as assigned. They will take down all the generals and minister who helped General Yeon rebelled to the former king. Mo Seol is happened to be with her father, discussing why dad wants to cancel her wedding with Choong.


She actually correctly guesses that it perhaps because Choong doesn’t want her, but since her father doesn’t want to hurt her feeling he covers it by saying how he hears that Choong involves with the Geumhwadan. When she angrily gets back to her house that‘s when Shi Woo jumps from the roof to kill her father. Geumhwadan is moving.

However due to be outnumbered with the guards Mo Seol and her father have, Shi Woo has to flee away and Mo Seol quickly meets the other intelligence agents who still in position guarding the prime minister’s residence. She says how the rebels seem to target the pro General Yeon warlords, and Nam Saeng suddenly asks about Choong whereabouts. It’s obvious that he wants to plant the idea to everybody that Choong  secretly supports Geumhwadan and betrays them all.

So Sa Bun meets back with other Geumhwadan at the spot they arranged before and notices that they lost many of their members. They ask about how the princess doing with her assassination, and Leader So informs them that she failed though she safely escapes. He instructs to tell General Yang’s army to retreat, their plan is doomed. The other members seem to be succeeded in doing their tasks, but then they realize that Boo Chi doesn’t make to the designated spot. It’s either he’s get caught, or die in his act.


At Joye an agent report that an assassin tried to kill the prime minister in the palace, and Nam Saeng sighs in a big disappointment when he hears Choong is there to save Dad. Instructor Jang now gets that all the attack by the Geumhwadan is to create diversion so then they can attack the palace while the prime minister is there, but the ever envious tantrum dongsaeng can think is to doubt how their director could guess the assassin would be in the palace to murder the prime minister.

Moo Young back to Geumhwadan base, desperate and exhausted, Choong thinks about how she keeps destroying herself with her revenge, and Nam Saeng keeps poking his brother with how Choong seems to deliberately lose the assassin who tries to kill their dad.

The next morning in the palace General Yang Moon is questioned on why he moved his troop to Pyongyang without direct order from the prime minister. General Yang steps forward and openly declares that it’s a warning for the prime minister. Yang says that Goguryeo is a country led by a king and the assembly, not by one man decision. But now Goguryeo is a country under the tyranny of the prime minister. He says that it’s best for General Yeon to resign from his position as the prime minister and to abolish that office permanently. For his brave act General Yang gets killed by General Yeon, and Jang looks with a defeated feeling. His only ally has gone now.

At Geumhwadan, Moo Young starts losing her confidence and faith. She starts to realize that her revenge scheme sacrifices the people too, that for this battle her people also die for her cause. With that, Moo Young dismisses Geumhwadan as a movement to rebel to Yeon’s government.

At Joye Choong gives instructions to his agents to put all the Geumhwadan bases around Pyongyang under their watch. He wants the rebels to be caught before they have chance to gather and start to regroup. To Nam Saeng’s provocative questions, Choong boldly answers that they can kill the rebels at sight. When Nam Saeng provokes further whether the princess as the rebel leader should be caught alive, Choong firmly confirms they should do that, disappoints Nam Saeng all over again. Though if Nam Saeng notices closely, he will see Choong hides his reaction as best as he can when it comes to Moo Young.

At the border, So Sa Bun and Moo Young see how tight the security now. It won’t be easy to get through the security check so then they can go out of the capital city. Moo Young suggests to leave separately to make them easier to flee when she notices Instructor Jang passes by. She immediately asks them to turn around and starts running, with now the curious training agent instructor and his troop tail right behind them. Moo Young finds herself trapped in an alley with the instructor, and the used to be her fellow agent in front of her. She snatches a knife to prepare an attack when someone suddenly grabs her wrist behind some hanging fabrics.


It’s her warrior-saviour-protector-guardian angel again, Choong, as he always manages to protect her while he still has his breath. He gets her out of the alley and together they hide behind a cart while the instructor checking up with his troop. Somehow the instructor spots Choong hides just few steps nearby but he knows that with Choong now, there’s someone special Choong needs to protect. His loved one. He understands what Choong tries to do and after leads his troop into wrong direction, the instructor also leaves the area letting Choong saves his lover.

Choong brings Moo Young to a beach after their flee, and she reminds him to go back before people starts to suspect him. She says that the Joye director shouldn’t help the rebels, yet Choong replies that he isn’t there with her as the Joye director. He is there because he wants to pay her back. He tells Moo Young that the beach where they are now is the one where Moo Young first saved him three years ago. How since then, he made up his mind to spend the rest of his life just for her.


“Are you really not going to stop?” Choong asks her. Moo Young sighs, saying just like how he first came to the palace only to be acknowledged by his dad, now she just wants to seek revenge. Since she will keep going to retaliate, she wishes he stops suggesting her otherwise. Calm and ever tender, but with a resolute tone, Choong tells her what he will do next, “I will spend the rest of my life trying to save you”. Moo Young stares at him, sad and surprised, but says nothing.

Nam Saeng reports to his father the next morning with the latest update about the damage they suffer after Geumhwadan moves last night, then boasts that he will torture their Geumhwadan hostage to reveal their plan and location. Daddy looks totally unconcerned and in a weak state with the stab injury he suffers. He instead wondering why it’s Nam Saeng the assistant director who does the reporting, and not Choong the director himself.

Nam Saeng slightly disheartens because Dad always looks up for Choong, but he uses whatever chances he has to badmouth Dad’s favourite son. He says how Choong is nowhere to be found, and just instantly disappears right after he orders the Joye agents to capture every Geumhwadan member they can find. Nam Saeng twists everything for his own benefit and makes Choong as the spy for Geumhwadan in the palace.

He pollutes his father’s mind, playing with the hope his father has to trust Choong. He points how the assassin the king’s chamber is not after the king but the prime minister himself. Plus, it was Choong who advised him to stay in the palace and sent all the agents to prime minister’s manor leaving the palace unguarded. How Choong came back all alone, and lets the assassin get away. When his dad seems to ignore everything Nam Saeng says, he throws the last question, the one which stuns dad, “Do you love him that much?”


If Nam Saeng was there that night just like General Yeon, maybe he gets why the General behaves that way. Choong sincerely loves and protects his dad, but he loves the princess too and though it is remarkably hard, he just does his best to protect them both.
Moo Young wakes up in the morning with the voice of Choong asks a favour to his mother.

Apparently Choong brings her to the temple where his mother stays and wants her to take care of Moo Young, Choong lets his mother know how important Moo Young is for him. Meanwhile with his deteriorated health, only bad thoughts come to General Yeon’s mind. It seems that all Nam Saeng’s badmouthings finally get to him.

Choong still tries to persuade Moo Young to abandon her vengeance, and she resists. Finally he pleads, “Can’t you just give it up for me? Can’t we just live on?” Moo Young stands firm. But Choong is this big man with a huge heart, so when lunch comes he enjoys it happily with Moo Young, refuses anything to ruin such a rare day. He asks Mum who still busy with her laundry to join them with the lunch but she refuses, insists both lovers to just have their time. However, in Moo Young’s mind Choong’s plead lingers, to let go all the revenge and just live on. It’s not help either that Choong treats her so sweetly, totally smiley and glowing with joy.


Not very far away from the temple Dal Ki watches them, now she knows where the princess hides. Moo Young meanwhile spends a precious time with Choong’s mum. Seeing how she looks troubled and anxious, she tells Moo Young to learn to let go. She basically advices her that though it isn’t easy, but by going through a process she finally can let things go. She then gives the twin pendant she shares with Choong to Moo Young and happily remarks that she thinks now the twin pendant has find its rightful owner.

At Joye Nam Saeng is busy torturing Boo Chi, forcing him to make a fake statement that Choong is with the princess now. Luckily Choong is back to the agency, and Instructor Jang still covers him from his whereabouts. Choong then visits his father and apologizes for unable to be found anywhere. “Try making an excuse. Lie to me at least!” his father retorts. Choong doesn’t say a word, they both know what he does. Angry and helpless, General Yeon turns to face him, “Are you really going to betray me?” The only thing Choong can say is, “You don’t need to worry”.

However it turns out that Choong needs to be extra worry now, since Nam Saeng comes to the temple she lives with Choong’s mother. Nam Saeng wields his sword to threat Moo Young, but before he can do that Choong’s mother stops him. She says that a sword isn’t allowed in such a sacred place like the temple. Nam Saeng puts the sword towards her only to be challenged with Moo Young’s sword.

With a sneaky smile Nam Saeng offers her to come with him voluntarily if she doesn’t want to see Choong’s mom gets hurt. Moo Young has no choice but to surrender, but as the Joye agents bring her Choong’s mother tries to stop them. She has promised Choong to protect her, she says, but as she finishes the sentence Nam Saeng then stabs her. He kills Choong’s mother right there.


Tae Pyung reports Choong about the last development, he’s so shocked to hear that the news sends him numb. Instructor Jang reports General Yeon the same thing, and the General trembles with grief. He cries in silent in front of Choong’s mom portrait, alone in his private chamber.

All the agents gather at Joye after the captured. General Yeon is there, Nam Saeng too with satisfied face and smug face that he has hit his brother with a huge fatal blow, Choong is the last one enters the hall looks like he’s flying on the edge of sanity and one wrong delicate push will explode him from within. Weird twitching smirks keep coming on the corner of his mouth, Choong desperately tries to get him controlled to not laugh and cry at the same time. Especially when Dad announces they capture the rebel leader, the princess, and Nam Saeng proudly announces how he killed the old woman who tries to interrupt them. Poor Choong, all he wants is to protect the ones he loves, but he ends up losing all of them.

General Yeon then tells Jang that he has captured Princess So Hee, and Jang can execute her himself to show king’s authority to people. Moo Young is dragged to be punished in the front yard and she’s astounded to find Boo Chi there, and Choong too. Moo Young and Choong exchange these long sad and desperate gazes, while Jang and General Yeon sit on the stage.

When the interrogation starts Boo Chi quickly distract them by admitting that he is the Geumhwadan leader. He says princess is just a figure so then the mass will gather and fight for them, his fake confession makes Nam Saeng angry and he stabs him. Boo Chi tells the princess that for him she’s his king and he promises to be a tiger in his next life so he can protect her. Nam Saeng kills him instantly upon this.

Nam Saeng still feels the need to brag on his action and continues by accusing Choong. He starts that as the former personal guard of the princess, not to mention how he and the princess was in love during that time, it is impossible that Choong didn’t recognize her. How Choong purposely hid the fact the princess was hiding at Joye organization, and the conclusion is Choong work together with the princess to rebel.

When the instructor asks on what base he accuses Choong like that, Nam Saeng moves to get a torture tool. He wants to torture Moo Young to make her confess that she works with Choong. But before Nam Saeng can touch her, Choong stops him saying that he has nothing to do with Moo Young so Nam Saeng can’t torture her, especially since the confession from an excessive torture is a fake one.


However, General Yeon shocks everybody by orders Choong to torture the princess himself. He says that’s the only way Choong can prove his innocence, and if Choong does that all the allegations against him will be dropped. But if Choong can’t, he and the princess will have to die there. Nam Saeng insists to do the torturing himself, but Choong can’t let him touch the princess. He snatches  the whip from Nam Saeng’s hand, and approaches Moo Young.



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