The Blade And Petal Episode 19 Summary

Doing his best to provoke his brother, Nam Saeng half-mocks Choong whether Choong is able to torture his precious princess. Choong clearly looks like he wants to be anywhere else but there to torture Moo Young, and Tae Pyung starts to get anxious too. He wishes his boss to start whipping Moo Young himself, because he knows if Nam Saeng takes over the torture, Moo Young will either die or at least disabled. Instructor Jang calms the poor boy down, their director knows what to do.

Standing in front of Moo Young, Choong starts to list the accusations towards the petite princess, the whip stays in his hands still unused. Moo Young of course denies all the accusations, stating that it isn’t her who rebels but King and the prime minister are. As if he wants to find way for her to escape the torture, Choong orders Moo Young to beg mercy from King and the prime minister. She resists, and it only urges Nam Saeng to move. He’s about to take over the torture from his brother when Choong hits the whip on Moo Young. There is no way Choong lets his psycho dongsaeng touches his lover.


Choong makes sure he only whips Moo Young’s hands, yields the whip high in the air so it will only the tip that hits her. At one point the whip slashes the pendant of the necklace Choong’s mother gave to Moo Young, causes the it slips to the ground and catches the prime minister’s eye. Meanwhile Nam Saeng notices that Choong doesn’t seriously torture her, forces Choong to start whipping Moo Young again. When he lifts the whip suddenly General Yeon orders him to stop.

Maybe the pendant on which Choong’s mother portrait painted reminds Yeon of love or whatever feeling he might feel towards her, but Yeon really leaves the stage and totally ignores Nam Saeng whining about being too soft to a rebel. Half-heartedly the General puts out his punishment, to behead Moo Young in Pyongyang Plaza three days later. An announcement which freezes Choong even long after everybody leaves the yard.

Instructor Jang meets the General after the torture. In a persuasive way he tells his old friend, the General himself, that now he can trust his son. There’s no need for him to test Choong anymore about his loyalty. Yeon asks Instructor Jang to give him some advice, as a friend, on what to do next. The instructor replies on how he knows that Yeon has regrets about the past, and not to let Choong to make the same mistake like he did to Choong’s mother.

The instructor then meets Choong, who stays in his office all tired and helpless. He tells him about two people he loved so dearly but couldn’t save any of them, how he wanted to be powerful so he wouldn’t have to lose anyone again. With the death of his mother and the capture of his lover Choong feels so lost, “What am I doing here?” he asks to himself.


Jang is also at lost and powerless in the palace, the feeling of being an ultra coward king now gets him and he cries for himself and Moo Young then. Meanwhile the captured princess is in her cell, with the memories of people one by one die because they defend her. First the Geumhwadan members, then Choong’s mother death flashes in her mind, and the last one is Choong, asking his mother to take care of her, worrying her. Tears drop from Moo Young’s eyes, as she realizes she has sacrificed so many people who love her.

Choong takes all his restless mind to the practice hall, plans to organize his thought by practicing his swordsmanship. However Nam Saeng interrupts his way of calming down by provoking him about his mother and the woman he loves. Choong puts down his sword and approaches Nam Saeng, telling him that he wants to talk to him now as a brother not as the director of the agency. Nam Saeng laughs at Choong’s words, saying that he never once at all considers someone with such low status as a bastard son, as a brother.

That statement hits Choong, and like a crazy dude Nam Saeng rants about how he didn’t purposely want to kill Choong’s mother but she just dies so easily. It’s never a wise thing to do but Nam Saeng adds Moo Young into their unfriendly chat, and Choong loses his control. He punches Nam Saeng again and again, and luckily Instructor Jang and Tae Pyung stops him before he kills that psycho brother with his own hands.


After that Choong heads to meet his father and reports him about his resignation as the director of the intelligence agency. He states that the rumour about him has damaged his father and Joye reputation and he doesn’t want to give them more trouble. However now Dad trusts him and doesn’t want to lose the son he obviously loves more than the other one. He tells him to stay, almost like he begs him to, and never say anything about quitting again. He leaves Choong no room to debate and the conversation ends there.


In the private chamber where Dad keeps Mom’s portrait, Choong prays for her there. Now he understands why Dad lets Mom go. It’s to protect her, from any conflict which could drag her into an unwanted situation and endangered her. Choong understands Dad’s choice now.

In the prison Moo Young has her nightmare, with her dad and brother died and burned in front of her.  She wakes up because of that, only to find the man who gives her the nightmare is standing behind her. He comes to tell her that he never thinks her dad as his enemy, but their destiny made them kill each other. He continues with offering her a deal to leave the city but never to come back again. Moo Young ignores the offer, but then Yeon tells her how he heard that she wept at the plaza on the day Choong was executed. Yeon says, “I do not want my son to weep.” He doesn’t offer her the escape because he cares about her, but he knows that executing her will give Choong unbearable pain for the rest of his life.


In their base the Geumhwadan looks for ways to save the princess. They don’t know how, but their traitor shows up to help them save her. At least because he becomes Joye spy so he’s free to wander around the agency and can look way to save her. Geumhwadan at first reluctant to accept his help but So Sa Bun totally rejects the traitor’s help. He doesn’t believe him.

Moo Young has another visitor for her in the prison. It’s Choong, looks very exhausted and lost. His voice is heavy with sadness when he tells her he just back from his mother burial. He knows now how it feels losing the parents, and asks her to forgive him for being not understanding. But Moo Young says it’s all her fault. If she wasn’t there, then his mother wouldn’t be dead. Then Choong sees Moo Young’s hands with the cuts she got from the whipping, which causes him to sit in front of her holding her hands so gently.

From outside the cell Choong caresses her cheek and says he’s the one who should say sorry. He begs her to let him protect her and gets her out of the prison. Knowing him so well, Moo Young asks whether that means he’s going to endanger himself again and asks why he does that. Choong replies, “Do you really not know why?”


He begs her to let her out and never come back. Moo Young tells him she can’t do that, but Choong keeps begging her. “I’m begging you. I need you to stay alive. Let me save you. You’re all that I have .. Just you.” Moo Young doesn’t say anything.

The next day the Geumhwadan spy comes to Joye and says that he doesn’t want to work for Joye anymore, Choong though tells him that this time they will work together for the princess. He asks the spy to bring him to Geumhwadan who at first welcome him with swords ready at hand, luckily he’s able to convince So Sa Bun that he comes to discuss a plan to save the prince.

That night all Joye agents celebrate their successfulness in capturing the rebel leader, Princess So Hee. Nam Saeng points out that he doesn’t see the director around, but Instructor Jang tells him that Choong is still mourning for his mother. Instructor Jang purposely sweet-talk Nam Saeng, persuade him to low his guard. In the meantime the instructor announces that he invites some gisaengs to bring joy to the celebration. Among the gisaengs, there is Dal Ki, the plan to save the princess is in progress.


After get all the agents drunk with the wine and all the seduces, Dal Ki and the other gisaeng pretend to persuade the instructor to get them to the prison. They heard how beautiful the princess is and now they want to see the beauty themselves. Instructor Jang acts like he can’t refuse them, and brings them all to the prison. The mission is to disguise Moo Young as one of the gisaengs, and the guards aren’t suspicious with another extra girl since the instructor brings a lot of them into the prison.

Some horse carriages bring the gisaengs out from the palace, but one carriage heads to a different destination. In the middle of a bridge the carriage stops, and Moo Young steps out confused. When she looks around, Choong is already behind her ready to take her to the safety. However in the middle of the journey Moo Young stumbles, and stops walking. Choong reminds her that Geumhwadan is waiting outside the gate to get her out of the city, and Moo Young finally asks him in a desperate voice, “Why are you saving me? What do you want me to do?”

Moo Young: “What if I give up? What will happen then?”

Choong: “The only reason I’m staying in the agency is to save you”

Moo Young: “What if I give up? What if I give up my revenge?”

Choong: ”I will not return then. I will stay with you. As long as you can stop, I can stop everything. Can you do that?”


Tears drop by drop on Moo Young’s cheeks while so tenderly Choong wipes them with his thumbs, she’s so confuse and lost and don’t know what to do next in her life if she gives up her revenge and Choong knows that. He pulls her in his embrace, so then she can cry on his chest and lays her burden on his shoulders. Later Moo Young just lays her head on his shoulders and falls asleep there. Choong brings her into a hut and rests her there on a more comfortable place, seeing how she smiles in her sleeps feeling secure and safe, Choong smiles back at her.


In the morning Moo Young wakes up alone, Shi Woo waits outside the hut to take her to the Geumhwadan base while Choong goes back to Joye. Instructor Jang is waiting for him there, assuring him that he guards his back.

Instructor Jang reports General Yeon how the princess broke up from her cell, the General surprisingly just nods over this report. It seems that the prison break is under Yeon’s approval, he loves his son enough to know that executing the princess will be live torturing hell for Choong. Nam Saeng is so enraged knowing this and when he wants to bring this to the prime minister, Instructor Jang reminds him that there is a much more urgent thing to face, like preparing for war with Tang.

At the palace the council are discussing their battle preparation with a general acknowledgement that General Yeon himself to lead their army. The General reports that he has ordered Choong to organize the troops, a report that urges Nam Saeng to ask his father to bring him to war instead of keep taking Choong to assist Dad. This request is denied, with the General reasoning how Nam Saeng lacks of experience in war. With that, General Yeon and Choong leave to battlefield.

That night Nam Saeng shares a conversation with Mo Seol, expressing his disappointment over Dad’s rejection. He says his father humiliated him in public, while Mo Seol knows better. She knows Nam Saeng is so jealous with the General’s affection and trust for Choong, how Dad dotes his eldest illegitimate son more than the other one.

Nam Saeng wants to hurt Mo Seol back, because she just hit the right button on him. He mocks her, reminding how Choong dumps her. Mo Seol replies that no matter Nam Saeng tries, he won’t be reinstated as Joye Director. Not only that, she adds how she respect the prime minister because personal interests never affects his decision. How he doesn’t succumb to tradition and prefers professional good judgement.


Like rubbing salt into a wound, Mo Seol goes on by saying that is exactly what the prime minister does when choosing his heir. Basically, she tells Nam Saeng that in his father’s eyes Choong is much better than him, and their father nurtures Choong as his next heir. When Mo Seol is about to leave, Nam Saeng tells her how he now wants to become someone higher and bigger than just a prime minister.

In one evening Nam Saeng drinks with the king and offers him his service and protection. As the price from his service, Nam Saeng wants the king to give him a secret letter. A letter which contained on the appointment of him as the prime minister as soon as the previous prime minister – Dad – steps down from his position. Jang asks Nam Saeng, whether his request means that he is going to betray his own father. He answers the king’s question by saying now the king has one more chance to fight.

While Choong and the General away at war, Moo Young sometimes visits and prays at the temple where she puts the altar of her dad and brother. She brings them flowers, and puts some too on the grave of Choong’s mom. She comes to the temple one day, at the same day Choong and Dad come home from war whom then welcomed by the whole intelligence agents at Joye with congratulatory at their grand victory over Tang.  Nam Saeng glares at Choong with envy and covers it quickly into a sneaky smirk.


Still with their armours on, the two warriors head immediately to the palace and report to the king. Being polished politicians and warriors, the General and Choong notice a different atmosphere at the palace at once. It seems that something is happened while they’re away and the General asks Choong to investigate, an order Choong will do only after he comes back from a place he wants to visit first. His father just nods, giving him private life he wants, even if he wonders that Choong might meet the princess.

Choong just visits the temple though, the place where he buries his mother. But then he’s surprised, when he sees a bouquet of flowers is put on his mother’s grave. He knows that it must be from Moo Young, and rushes to search the temple thinking that he might find her. He doesn’t see her though she did come to the temple. Choong sits on the terrace they once used to enjoy a meal together, missing her so bad.

It is revealed that Nam Saeng keeps watching Moo Young, as his right hand man spots her and follows her to the place she lives now. He puts a letter to be found by Moo Young, a letter which is faked as if it’s from Choong. In the letter Choong says that he will quit his job and leaves his father for her. Dal Ki is so excited about the letter, she’s still a young girl after all, who still dreams about romantic love and such. However Moo Young doubts the letter, saying that it just isn’t like him.

On the other hand, the excited Dal Ki encourages her. She says that Choong is the only person who knows that Moo Young lives there, and how with the letter Choong’s mother pendant is attached too. No one has that but Choong. Dal Ki advises her to tell So Sa Bun, but Moo Young wants to find out about it alone.

So then Moo Young waits for Choong alone, only to get kidnapped by someone. Dal Ki is so taken aback when Choong comes to visit Moo Young, and tells her that he didn’t send Moo Young any letter. Somewhere Moo Young gains her consciousness, and finds her hands and feet all tied up. Meanwhile General Yeon seeks an audience with the king, who then carefully warns him about how much the General trust his son.

Moo Young is surprised to see Nam Saeng at the place she’s being kidnapped, and he teases how Moo Young comes at once as soon as she gets a letter asking her to run away with him. That actually her vengeance is nothing compares to love. But then, Nam Saeng says the reason he brings her there is to give her another chance to kill the prime minister.

Nam Saeng tells Mo Seol his plan, which makes her gasps on his crazy idea. He says he realizes that she is right. His father isn’t moved by personal affection nor cares about who the legitimate son is. His father also thinks he isn’t as good as his brother and how he is always favouring the hyung-nim. So then he will show his true potential to dearest Dad, by becoming king. He will dethrone the current king, and defeat the prime minister for treason.

Mo Seol practically laughs at his idea and still ignores him when he mentions that her dad agreed to join him. Mo Seol still tries to bring some sense to Nam Saeng by reminding him that even if he success in pulling another coup, it doesn’t mean he can just become the king.


Then Nam Saeng drops his last bomb, how he is going to marry the former king’s daughter, Princess So Hee a.k.a. So Moo Young and makes her his wife. With that royal marriage he will become the husband of the queen. He says that he will dig her eyes and break her legs if he has to, but he will marry her even if she resists.

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