The Blade And Petal Episode 9 Summary

The king falls to the ground, killed by General Yeon. Choong enters the bloody throne room not long after that, and while the General’s attention is distracted by his son’s attendance then Leader So instructs Shi Woo to get the princess out because it’s for sure the next thing the General’s side wants to do next is to eliminate all royal descendants. With Moo Young as the last descendant from the former king’s blood line, her life is in threat. Shi Woo instantly grabs her and escapes through breaking the nearest wall.


Without wasting any time Choong strides behind his father and puts a sword to his neck, what he wants from that action is clear. He wants to give enough time for Moo Young and whoever helps her to run away from the killing zone. General Yeon strangely orders his men to step back, which allows for all the Geumhwadan members left in the throne room to escape as well. Choong keeps his father hostage as he slowly starts backing out of the room, with all the soldiers following closely behind and his sword kept on Dad’s throat.

Shi Woo, the princess and Leader So which seems to be also actually Shi Woo’s dad, get surrounded by more soldiers outside and not able to leave the palace yet. Another Geumhwadan member comes riding a horse and immediately jumps off and help with the fight, so Shi Woo use the horse to get the princess out of that doomed place. The Geumhwadan keeps trying to fight off the soldiers to give them more time when General Yeon approaches the site, still as Choong’s hostage. The General insists his men to lower their swords and when everybody draws them back and leaves the duo Dad-Son alone at the gate, he smirks and tells his son, “That’s enough. I gave you the time that you wanted.” Choong lowers his sword, defeated.


General Yeon returns to the throne room and addresses Jang as the king. Jang finally reaches the throne and now all men from General Yeon’s side address Jang as the king as well. Way deep in the forest Shi Woo and the princess ride their horse full speed, with General Yeon’s guard chase them from behind. Not very far from them, Choong is on his horse too. Shi Woo then tries to cover their track by continuing their escapade on foot and succeeded to fool the General’s guard, however Choong knows his trick and he now follows on foot just like them too.

All the time during their effort to escape, Moo Young just getting numb from terror and shock she suffers for seeing her dad and little brother get killed before her own eyes then she snaps out from her zombie state and demands to go back to the palace, to kill all the rebels. Lucky that Shi Woo then able to put her some realization and they’re back to track of trying to save their own lives. It’s just that the General’s guard now corner them on an edge of a cliff, forcing the two fugitives to fight him. Shi Woo gets injured and in a very dangerous blow his sword is grabbed by Moo Young, she fights the guard herself.

Choong spots them and runs to approach, but it’s the time when he sees Moo Young loses her steps and slips to the edge of the cliff. In front of his eyes, Moo Young falls off the edge. His dad’s guard can only watch when Choong sheds his body armour and jumps over the cliff to save her. Too bad he can’t find her though he desperately screams her name again and again, as he keeps looking. Meanwhile Shi Woo only able to find one of Moo Young’s boots but he has to hide again because now General’s soldiers are sent to find the princess’ body too.


His people then report to General Yeon that they can’t find the princess. He then heads to the home of the recently-killed prime minister to instruct his surviving son to kill himself so he can wash away his father’s disgrace. At last, the General kills the whole family. Next he heads to General Yang to kill him too but then he decides not to kill him. He just asks General Yang to return to his hometown and watches all his moves closely.

Choong can’t find the princess and exhausted to death, he has no idea that she is saved by a man with his daughter and they bring her to their home. She finally wakes, and as soon as she gains her consciousness she wants to go back to the palace to take revenge on her father. The man who saves her persuades her not to be rushed with such thought, he tells her that he used to be a Geumhwadan too and he knows she is Princess So Hee.


Back in the city, the body of the crown prince and the king are displayed to public. Their bodies are tied to a pole, ready to be burnt. Choong sees that and he painfully looks at the prince and the king’s bodies. Disgusted and raging in anger, Choong stares at his father. However he leaves the scene just a few minutes before Moo Young and her saviour join the crowd to have one last look to her father and brother.
Moo Young is so shocked and sad that she has to see her dad and brother treated that way, especially when lies about the former king are announced publicly (so it’s expected that people will just believe the lies and accept the death of the king and the crown prince as punishment from public, instead of being betrayed by his Generals and the royal nephew).


Moo Young hysterically wants to reach the stage to her beloved family and her saviour has to work his hardest to hold her. It’s fatal if her presence spotted by General Yeon or his people. Before her eyes, Moo Young sees how the king and the prince’s body burnt down in public as enemy of the state.

Jang watches the smoke rise up in his new kingly robes, while General Yeon waits till he’s the last one left in the burning site. Choong watches him from a distance, “I will never forgive you, Father.”

Choong then meets his father, and asks him blankly if he’s even human. His father mocks him—his being human can’t help him protecting his princess. “The reason you could not protect the princess is because you lacked power,” says his dad. The General believes his action is for the good of the country. He did what he had to protect what he needed to.


Still Choong replies how his father lying about the king’s crimes to fool people. The General asks him again whether he wants to become a member of the Yeon family, or just die.  Choong tells him: “I’d rather die than remain as a shameful descendant of the Yeon family.”
It’s strange that his father doesn’t kill him instantly, simply because only Yeon family get the honor of dying in his house. He then says that they are now no longer father and son, and have no ties to each other. The General’s guard wonders why he lets Choong leave, but he tells the guard how he thinks Choong will be the first person finding the princess and asks him to follow his son.

Moo Young’s saviour tells her the emergency Geumhwadan fort in the former capital, Jolbon. In the meantime, someone steals the remains of the king and crown prince after giving drugs to the guards’ drinks. The Geumhwadan sees this maybe because they want to get the remains as well. But they don’t know who took them, when they report this to their leader he says that they have to find the princess before General Yeon does. They think they better go to their emergency fort hoping that Moo Young will find them.

Jang was actually the one who instructs the stealing of the remains, and asks it to be given to him secretly. Suddenly he hears the king’s voice in his head and in shock he drops the ashes to the floor. He insists that he does the right thing and screams into the empty throne room: “I am the king of Goguryeo! I am! Soon, even General Yeon will kneel before me. I will definitely become a great king in history. I will! I will!”


Jang then is coroneted as the official king, and as if he wants to remind the General about who is the real ruler now he says how safe he feels to have such a loyal person as General Yeon with him.

Moo Young and her saviour then head to Jolbon, under disguises as umbrella sellers. On their way of selling their umbrellas, Moo Young breaks down when she sees a street performance done by a man throwing his knives at a straw dressed as the deceased king, she chokes with tears as people cursing on the straw doll, calling names to her father. Just a few moments later, Choong passes by the exact same show, not knowing she is just around the corner.

At the home of her saviour Moo Young helps them to make umbrellas, she paints them with bamboo flower design inspired by her memory with her father, where he asked her to see a painting and decided which she thought was stronger—the sword or the flower?
At that time she hesitantly told him that she thought the sword would be the stronger one, “But the flower can bloom again after being cut,” the king said. “The sword is not to be used to cut the flower, but to protect the flower.”

The king continued their concersation by explaining about Geumhwadan, a secret organization formed to protect the royal family and the people in times of revolution and war. That’s why now Moo Young paints the Geumhwadan pattern, as a secret signal for her to call the protector of the royal family.

Choong checks the market place in Jolbon hoping to spot his princess among the crowd without luck. He sees though, when General Yang heads to his home in a chariot, Jolbon is also actually General Yang’s hometown. Bad luck seems to follow Choong he and Moo Young unknowingly pass each other in the market. However, Moo Young spots General Yeon’s guard in the crowd and instantly feels the urge to take her revenge. Meanwhile, the Geumhwadan recognizes the pattern on the umbrellas people use and guesses correctly that the princess is still alive and now calling them all.


Moo Young is back to the market now armed with bow and arrows, she’s going hunting. The prey will be her brother’s killer. Once she locks her target, she prepares her bow to shoot only to get a sight of Choong a few meters behind his first target. Trembling with rage and tension, she pulls back the arrow and aims the weapon to … Choong. It’s him that she wants to kill now.



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