The Blade And Petal Episode 7 Summary

The king worries about the fact that they haven’t found the royal guard impersonator nor that he could have escaped before security was tightened. He assumes the impersonator must be someone from General Yeon’s who knows about the rebellion plans, and though the mysterious guy stopped the rebellion, the king still thinks he can be another a spy planted by the General.

King asks the senior royal guard if they have thoroughly check every single places in the palace and the palace guard says that the only place that hasn’t yet been searched is the princess quarter. The information scares the king, worried that the impersonator is there and he can harm her. Anxiously the king marches to Moo Young’s quarter, wants to make sure she’s alright.

Which of course, she is. And not. Tearfully she asks the man who’s standing in front of her, “Is it truly you? What happened? How… did you survive?” Knowing how she feels, Choong explains how he so wanted to meet her as soon as he regained consciousness but he also recognizes how dangerous it can be if other people spots them both together. Despite the danger he still has to get into the palace if he wants to stop his father’s plot and protect the princess he loves.


Choong then asks about what happened to the ceremony after his interruption at the north wall, and Moo Young cries as she explains how the prince fell off the horse which led to the ceremony cancellation. Sadly, she tells Choong that her beloved dongsaeng may never walk again. Choong embraces her with a warm hug as a comfort to sooth her pain and sadness while the king and Jang are just closer to reach Moo Young’s quarter. He holds her even tighter when Moo Young miserably states that now the Yeon family and the royal family definitely can never be together.


When the king’s arrival is announced, they both look panic because for sure the king mustn’t know that Choong is still alive. The king at first looks relieved when he sees how Moo Young is just fine, but because of her nervousness with Choong hides in the same exact room, it somehow intrigues the king as he walks further into his daughter’s room ready to inspect every corner there.

Luckily Moo Young able to distract her dad attention by asking the right question at the right time. His answer: to kill General Yeon tomorrow and end all this conflict at once. As the king leaves the room Moo Young lifts her sword and approaches Choong, “Since you know what my father is thinking, I can’t let you go. Be on my side, or else I’ll have to kill you now. That is my destiny and my choice.”


Choong doesn’t move an inch or raises his eyebrow seeing the woman he loves holds her sword to him now. He understands that before meeting him she’s a princess. Her country is her family, and every burden that comes with is a consequent the princess embraces wholeheartedly. He asks her to kill him instead, because he simply can’t choose either side, “Please kill me now, as my destiny has deserted me. Ever since I met you, Your Highness, you became the whole world to me.”


Moo Young breaks my heart when she tells Choong they should have never met, or that she should have never asked him to stay. She then wields her sword to his neck, “Consider this the end of our relationship.” It hurts them both, but there’s nothing they can do.
The king informs Jang that they must prepare a new heir in case the crown prince isn’t able to walk again, and asks him who he thinks fits to that position. It’s as if the king hinting that Jang is the chosen one, but of course Jang tells the king that they shouldn’t give up on the crown prince. Jang worries though that he loses his chances of becoming heir if the king finds out he saved Choong’s live.

Jang returns into Moo Young’s quarters where he knew exactly Choong is still there and draws a sword against him: “I can’t spare your life again,” without knowing Moo Young is there too behind the curtain. The very stunned Moo Young comes out and interrogate Jang why he saved Choong, he lies that he did it because Choong saved her and the prince and he felt pity for him. Jang adds that he also wants to prevent a civil war between General Yeon and the king, and because he knew the meaning of  Choong for her.

The king introduces the Geumhwadan to Jang, who then explain their plan to capture General Yeon and his followers during the upcoming military parade. All they need  to do is waiting until they’re all gathered in the palace again with all their armies while the king soldiers and personal army are ready to trap them there.

The king plans for a council meeting tomorrow to announce a new heir to the throne, because it seems that he can’t hope for the prince again. With all the ambiguous conversation the king shares with Jang, it’s understandable if Jang secretly hope that it’ll be him
In the meantime, Geumhwadan will keep an eye on General Yeon’s residence while the army is called in to secure the city, not to mention the king’s personal army which will be arriving in secret that night. And as a huge surprise to everyone in the room, the king states that he’s gonna meeting General Yeon tonight.

General Yeon tasks his guard to find Choong, since there’s no way he run away out of the palace yet. He then finds out that the prince is severely injured from falling off a horse, since it’s possible that the palace know the horse is poisoned. From this situation it’s natural that his followers suggest him to attack the king immediately, but General Yeon informs them with the news of the crown prince and the upcoming heir selection. It’s obvious that the king will choose Jang, which probably good for the General because he has maintain such a relationship with him. Plus, he believes that Jang would be a good king.

The king really visit General Yeon’s resident that night, so General Yeon comes out to meet him. The king tells him about the crown prince’s fall and asks for his support in establishing a new heir to the throne, however he doesn’t mention any names to General Yeon. Later it shows that Jang is actually at General Yeon’s home too when the king and the General meet. The General guesses that Jang wants him to support him, but in fact Jang says that Choong is still in the palace and is his hostage. He then agrees to get Choong out of the palace but reminds the General that he now saves his son twice.

When night comes, both Jang and Moo Young work together to get Choong out of the palace safely. Choong disguises as the princess’s chariot driver and when a guard insists that she can’t leave, Jang says he’ll be responsible for that. Moo Young brings Choong out of the palace gate and bids her goodbye to Choong. She makes him promise to leave the capital since there’s no way his father will forgive him for what he did.


She takes off the bracelet she always wears with her all the time and gives it to Choong as a reminder of her then asks him to go to Jolbon, “I promise you that I’ll come find you later,” she says. “Please stay alive.” Choong stares so brokenheartedly at the bracelet while Moo Young rides away with her chariot until he decides to chase after her. In the meantime, Moo Young can’t hold herself any longer and stops her chariot too. When she gets off she finds out Choong is just few meters behind her, he too can’t let her go. They run to each other, and Choong steps forward to hold her tight. As she finally really leaves, Choong looks so shattered with Moo Young’s bracelet in his hand and while he’s not aware with his surroundings, somebody attacks him. It’s his father’s man.


In the minister meeting the next day the king announces the new heir, and to everybody’s shock it’s Princess Moo Young. Almost all provide with their protests of having a queen in Goguryeo, but the king argues by saying that Silla has queens so there’s no reason why Goguryeo can’t. And the king stresses that General Yeon has to oversee construction on The Wall after tomorrow’s military parade even though it means the General might skip the installation ceremony. Jang is probably the most disappointed person because not even him, almost everybody thinks he’s the best candidate as the heir for the throne.


The king’s senior guard offers his sympathy to Jang as he understands how disappointed Jang now. Jang is the most suitable and strongest candidate but the king prefers to install his own blood for the throne. Moo Young offers her sympathy too for her beloved cousin, totally misreading him and tell him how she’s thankful to have him on her side.

Choong finally regains his consciousness and is confronted by his dad. Choong tells him that all he did was to protect the princess AND his father, which then makes him ask his dad about what his philosophy is when he has to deal with the people he loves. Can he really just keep them in his heart without letting them giving any impact on the decisions he makes? The question gets to the General but then he says: “I cannot coexist with the royal family. Tomorrow, at the parade, I will cut off the king’s head.”

The crown prince wakes up though he’s still in bed and praises his father’s decision to make his sister as the heir to the throne. He’s serious with what he says because he knows he doesn’t want and doesn’t have the heart to be a ruler. His father wants to comfort him and promises that the dinner tonight will be consisted of his favourite dishes and invite Jang and the senior guard along. Nevertheless the sweet-natured prince tells her sister how she looks beautiful in her warrior attire, “But I think you’d be even prettier in a wedding gown. I’d really like to see that.” Awww it’s cute to know that the prince is also Choong – Moo Young’s biggest shipper.

Back to General Yeon’s resident. Now the General gives Choong a choice: “The princess, or filial piety? You can’t have both. Will you come with me or die here?”

“I will come with you,” Choong decides.

General Yeon knows Choong so well so he can’t just believe with Choong’s  wish to join him. He then gives Choong his order: “Bring the princess’ head to me.”

“If I bring her to you, will everything be resolved?” Choong asks, his expression unchanging.

In her quarter Moo Young draws her swords, “It’s not that I’ll be killing your father. I’ll be killing a traitor of Goguryeo!”



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