The Blade And Petal Episode 8 Summary

It’s the military parade today when General Yeon will have his revolution. He includes Choong in his plan but he gives his instruction ahead before, if Choong interferes with their plans, he’s to be beheaded then and there. In the palace the king advises Moo Young, his new heir, to always find ways coexist with Tang. That advice will surely later be the last advice from the king to his daughter because the revolution begins way out from the palace. General Yeon has marched to the palace with his small army though later in front of the palace gates by royal decree his army is forced to stay outside the gates.

While General Yeon and his people deal with the palace in front of their gates Choong and a small team of his father’s men sneak up to the palace walls try to get in as well. We really should never to doubt him because we can hear Choong thoughts: “I will save you, Princess.”


The General is finally allowed to enter the palace with his people but only after they go through for weapons inspection, the interesting thing is rather than swords, his army carry sticks. At the same time, the king and his supporters don’t have any suspicion when Jang takes half the king’s army with him. The king however wants the captured doctor to tell the truth during the ceremony, he never predicts that in order to avoid the doctor to confess General Yeon’s guards purposely creates a scene in order to get arrested. Once they’re arrested, they secretly work to jailbreak the prison and free the doctor.

The Geumhwadan members disguise themselves as musicians for the ceremony so they can have a perfect spot to protect the king, and it’s kinda intimidating when General Yeon makes his grand entrance with his full-force soldiers. Jang also enters with his army, which previously of course the king’s but I guess he knows how to persuade the soldiers to switch side. In the prison, the doctor spy is forced to commit suicide by the general’s guard.

Right outside the palace walls General Yeon’s small teams and Choong succeeded in penetrating the palace so then they can open the gate and let General Yeon’s big army to get in. All of the palace guards who loyal to the king are killed while Choong refuses to kill anyone, he doesn’t want to take part in any of his father’s rebellion acts.

Warned that Choong maybe try to run away and interferes, his father’s try to stop him whenever they see him wants to do that. Lucky that he himself is a decent fighter, he manages to get away and run to save the princess.  The king is upset when he knows that the captured doctor killed himself, in the prison General Yeon’s people break them free and start making way to the palace and kill anyone who block their way. In the court hall where all the ministers are gathered the prime minister calls General Yeon forward, only to be shocked that the General flips the table between them and draws a sword hidden there.

“Did you want to become chief minister so badly?” General Yeon asks him menacingly, causing the minister shivering and stammering that the king blackmailed him into betraying the General. He still bravely says that he wishes the General and the king can work together, but in front of everybody General Yeon just slashes his throat and kills him instantly. He then turns toward and makes for those loyal to him to identify themselves with a blue ribbon on their wrists. Almost every people in the hall put on their blue wristbands, which in a scary realization makes it easy to spot who don’t belong to his side. All the people who don’t’ wear the wristband mean they’re on king’s side and they’re killed at once in a bloody a massacre. Jang stays unmoved, let all the brutal killing happened.


The Geumhwadan report the king about the revolution in the throne room. Thinking that he has anticipated this, the king instructs of his private army to enter the palace only to know that there’s no army outside. Nobody knows what exactly is happening outside but Leader So thinks it could be done by Jang. The king and Moo Young are stunned at the thought of their family betrays them.

The king however still refuses to flee when asked and only agree to do it when he’s reminded that the country can only survive if the royal family survive. Some of the Geumhwadan will escort the king and princess to the secret passageway, while the rest of the members will stay behind to give them time to run.


As the royal family start their way to escape somehow Moo Young turns and taken aback to find Choong is fighting against a pretty large group of soldiers. She was so sure that he was safely in another city like what she made him to promise. Choong finally spots her too while fighting and they both staring to each other with those longing looks. But Young Hae comes and drag her away, leaving Choong to fight the soldiers alone.
The crown prince is alone in his quarter when he starts to hear people scream outside. However he can’t walk now and can’t do anything. Leader So and the rest of the loyal palace guards now have to face off with Jang and his men. Leader So asks him how he could betray his own uncle, and Jang replies: “At least I did not betray Goguryeo.” And the battle begins.

Young Hae brings the king and princess to the secret passage, and leave them to go get the the crown prince. Worries that they might be not able to save her beloved brother Moo Young insists to bring him herself and leave the king alone. Tae Kyung the senior palace guard meets him there, only to find that the king decides to go back to the palace refuse to back down.

Shi Woo finally arrived at the crown prince’s quarters but he then battle with General’s Yeon soldiers so Moo Young runs inside to get her brother. Choong meanwhile, also win his fight and proceeds his effort to find and rescue the princess. Moo Young finds her brother lying on the floor, and tries her best to persuade her lil bro to run with her because he keeps refusing to escape. He knows it’ll be so hard to escape while carrying a disable person like him but she refuses to abandon him either. While Moo Young tries to carry her dongsaeng to her back she hears the sound of someone entering the quarter.

It’s General’s Yeon guard who looks for the royal siblings to kill them, only when he enters the room there’s no one inside. He searches everywhere and when he’s about to flip a curtain, a furious Moo Young pops out to attack him. Her attempt fails and when the guard wants to fight back the shaking crown prince comes out from his hiding, tries to help his sister.

He can’t fight against the professional trained bodyguard and gets stabbed in the chest instead. Moo Young is very shocked and gets to him but he’s dying, yet he smiles and comforts his fave noona, “I wanted to see you wearing your wedding gown.” Then he dies.


Moo Young screams in misery before she attacks her brother’s killer, and they exchange few blows until a sword comes blocking the attack from the guard to Moo Young. Choong is there. Moo Young gasps in terror when the guard reminds Choong: “As you promised, cut off the princess’ head and prove that you’re General Yeon’s son.” She just thinks the worst and cries calling Choong a traitor’s son. “You betrayed me! Why did I ever believe in you?” She says that she can’t ever forgive herself for trusting him, and she tells Choong he can go kill her now.

Choong looks completely shaken to be mistaken by the one he loves most. “No one can choose his father,” he says with tears glistening in his eyes. “Unfortunately, I am the son of General Yeon, and my father became a traitor with no help from me. However, I am also a sinner for being unable to forsake my family.”


When the guard reminds him again to kill the princess, Choong immediately swings his sword to him to save the princess. Shi Woo then comes to drag Moo Young away and run from that place. In the mean time Choong sees the prince’s corpse, and the painful sight makes him fight more furiously. Moo Young can’t stop herself from looking at him even as she leaves, and they exchange gazes. She doesn’t want to leave, but she has no choice. Choong defeats the guard and resumes to follow the princess.


The king is back in his throne room, and shocked to see Moo Young says the crown prince is dead. Leader So once again asks the king to escape the palace, but General Yeon, Jang, and their army already are in the throne room. After a long silent gaze Moo Young steps forward and puts her sword to Jang’s neck, the army all draw their swords to Moo Young only to draw them back after an order form General Yeon. Slowly but without doubt, Jang raises his own sword against her, and when he does Moo Young cuts their family ties and vows to see him dead.


Choong goes to enter the palace now on horseback, and promises that he’ll find the princess. The king asks how Jang could betray him, and he tearfully replies that though he does his best to serve him the king only treat him as his servant. “You never treated me with warmth, because I did not exist to you.” Finally he says,“You must forsake me now, Your Majesty.”

But the king still thinks of him as a nephew, and gently says that he’ll never forsake him. “It is still not too late,” he says. “I will never forsake you.” But Jang knows it’s too late for him. General Yeon steps front to confront the king, and their principles still too far to be compromised.
General Yeon then stabs the king as he says, “Ask the late kings who have protected Goguryeo. Just which of us is letting Goguryeo take the right path, and which of us knows what Goguryeo needs.”


As he finishes his sentence he draws his sword free from the king’s body, blood spattered his face as the king falls to the ground. Going numb with shock and sadness finally Moo Young holds her father’s body, crying.

Choong walks in to the palace and see the horrifying scene in the throne room. The king of Goguryeo is dead killed by his father, the woman he loves crying as she then stares at the General in glaring mad eyes, the same raging eyes she throws at him when she catches at his sight.


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