The Blade And The Petal Episode 10 Summary

Shivering with anger as she feels betrayed, Moo Young aims her arrow at Choong, “Did you come all the way here to kill me?” She misses her hit though and Choong save for while, by the time she puts another arrow to shoot him she loses him from her sight.


The Geumhwadan now are sure that the princess in the city and begin to search for her. It seems that the umbrellas Moo Young paints becomes a new trend that every sellers talk about it, Choong stumbles in his way out from an inn when he hears hos someone says that he thinks the people sell the painted umbrellas seemed to come from Pyongyang, the capital city. He then remembers, how he catches a glimpse of a girl who looks like similar to his Moo Young. Pretty certain that it can be her, Choong goes back to the market place again.

Shi Woo and Boo Chi find the saviour’s daughter, and Shi-woo manages to convince the little girl that they are from the same side after he shows her a tattoo of the bamboo flower on his chest, just the exact similar pattern with the ones Moo Young paint on her umbrellas.
Boo Chi goes to tell the others that they’ve found the princess but Shi Woo sees Choong goes to an umbrella seller and asks for the address of the real umbrella makers. Choong knows that both Shi Woo and his dad’s guard are following him, but right now he’s just too focus on finding Moo Young he hardly care for others. Shi Woo however is the one who spots Moo Young while she goes hunting for Choong.

Shi Woo grabs Moo Young before either Choong or General Yeon’s guard see her and when Moo Young furiously says that she can’t let the traitor’s son/Choong go, he tells her it’s dangerous to kill him there in the crowd. He brings the princess to the Geumhwadan fort where they bow and offer their apologies for being unable to protect her family. She’s so terribly angry and deep in sorrow:

“I saw my father and brother’s bodies burn. The people spat at my father, the king of Goguryeo, and mocked him. For the past twenty-four years, the people lived in peace under my father’s rule… Yet they called my father, the king of Goguryeo, a traitor who tried to sell off his country.”  She vows that before she kills General Yeon, his brother’s killer and Choong, with her own hands, she’ll never be able to close her eyes, even if she dies.


Choong innocently follows directions to the umbrella maker as he’s told but of course he’s heading to the Geumhwadan fort as well. Everyone gets their adrenaline rushed especially Moo Young who wants nothing but to kill him, but Leader So convinces her that now they can’t do anything or their hide out can be revealed and known by General’s side.

The General’s guard find the same hide out but all he finds are the Moo Young saviour and his daughter. He puts his sword to the little girl as he shows a portrait of the princess to ask about her. The man lies and says that the girl in the portrait is dead. Refuse to just believe his story, the guard now aims his sword to the father’s neck, threatens his daughter to tell the truth. She bravely keeps their lie by crying, “Unni… Unni died.”

Choong comes from behind and gets angry when he sees the guard threatens a little girl like that and attack him from behind. However when he hears as the guard asks about what they did with the princess’ remains, Choong begins to shake. Just after the guard leaves to seek for the grave of the remains, Choong approaches the father and the daughter with trembling hands holding the same picture of the princess, “Please take a good look. Was it really her?”

Choong shocked but still somehow refuses to believe until he notices how the daughter of the man wears the hairpin Moo Young gave him once. The hairpin he slipped into Moo Young’s hand to tell her that he’s alive back then. The realization of how she’s really dead hits him hard, breaks him down into pieces. In a flashback we can see how it’s all planned to make everybody believes the princess is dead. Someone else’s remains got digging and puts into a supposed Moo Young’s gravesite, she herself hands the hairpin to the little girl, very much aware that it can trick Choong.


Zombie Choong wanders down the streets until he goes to Moo Young’s grave and immediately attacks the General’s guard when he sees him there as well, “Did my father tell you to do this?! He ordered you to use me to kill the princess?! Is that why he let me go?! Is it?!”
Choong holds the clothes Moo Young wears in her last time to his chest while he lets out scream after scream of deep devastated grief. After a while he sobers up and deeply thinks, “It’s all my fault. I couldn’t protect you. It’s all my fault for being powerless.”

The Geumhwadan and Moo Young now assure that they succeeded in tricking everybody that the princess is dead. Moo Young says, “Princess So-hee is dead. From now on, I no longer exist in this world, not in the day or at night. I won’t even have a shadow. From now on, I am Moo Young.” Then she leaves with the Geumhwadan after gives her farewell to her saviours, the umbrella makers.


The guard reports the princess’ death to General Yeon, when Choong shows up. After a while we see Choong kneeling outside the house all night long. Then Jang’s first minister meeting turns into a debate with General Yeon’s people about the asking tax to the citizens to support the strengthening of The Wall. Jang doesn’t want to burden his people with more tax while the General believes they need to do what it takes to build stronger wall.

In a practice room while Jang practicing his swordsmanship, General Yeon tells Jang that the princess is dead, a news that makes Jang seems to regret anything that happens after the rebellion. Anyhow General Yeon’s people wonder why he volunteer to go to the wall until he explains that he’s going to destroy any rebellion acts toward him in the rural areas.

When he comes home at night he finds Choong still kneeling in the same spot since yesterday. He then asks his son, “Why did you come back?” Choong firstly addresses him as “father,” but General Yeon stops him from using that word since he gave up his family ties with his father. Choong ignore that and continues by saying that he’ll walk his father’s path, even though he had previously called his father’s actions shameful.
“I realized that being powerless is even more shameful,” Choong declares. “I will stand with those who have power, and I will become a man with power.” General Yeon then asks him if that means he’ll support his dad now.


Cynically, Choong says whether having a purpose holds any importance. Whether it’s treason or deception, “I will not hold anything back in order to gain power. In order to protect what is mine, I will throw away duty and all else that remains.” He further says that he’ll use his father as a stepping stone to gain more power if he has to.  General Yeon turns his body but then tells his son that he’ll accept him if he acts as his bodyguard when he goes to the wall. His safety is now Choong’s responsibility. The next morning Choong prepares for his journey by wearing new dark colored clothes and tied his hair into a bun with Moo Young’s hairpin. His old friend Jin Gu sees him off in an impressive convoy to the wall and worries on how much Choong have changed.


In Jolbon, Yeon Jung Mo, the brother of the killed prime minister, wants General Yang to help him taking revenge on General Yeon. Nonetheless, the General refuses saying that revenge will only bring more bloodshed. The Geumhwadan hear this which then makes them and Moo Young wonder to persuade Yeon Jung Mo or General Yang to join forces and have revenge for General Yeon.

They decide to persuade Yeon Jung Mo and sneak into his house to send message, which he misunderstood as a threat from General Yeon. Furious with the possibility he plans to go against the General and his soldiers when he comes to their town later. To be able to fight such a great general and his big army Yeon Jung Mo will need extra assassins, to which exactly the role the Geumhwadan playing.
As the new chief commander of the General’s guard, Choong takes action by instructing a detail order to constantly observe Yeon Jung Mo movements. Leader So catches his sight in the market doing his job and notices his hairpin, which he remembers seeing Moo Young gave it to the little girl. Sadly, Moo Young still thinks that Choong betrays her.

Geumhwadan’s plan to let Yeon Jung Mo hire them as assassins has worked, but when then they worry that he can recognize the princess’ face, Moo Young has an idea. The Geumhwadan finally shows up to Yeon Jung Mo’s house and he agrees to hire them while he’s still unconvinced with the female members of the assassins group. He tests them then by drawing a sword onto Moo Young’s neck. Without wasting time she explains him who she is. At the same time, General Yeon and his men come to Yeon Jung Mo’s house too.


Inside the house Moo Young tries to persuade Yeon Jung Mo to join forces with him in order to take revenge on General Yeon. Their meeting though is interrupted by the coming of General Yeon and his men, and Yeon Jung Mo has to let them in or they can get suspicious why it takes so long for them to open the door.

The Geumhwadan and Moo Young hides while Yeon Jung Mo meets General Yeon, and Boo Chi climbs the rooftop to check the situation outside. General Yeon asks Yeon Jung Mo blankly, “I heard you want to kill me.” He then promised Yeon Jung Mo the seat of prime minister position something the latter guy agrees, but back in the room where the Geumhwadan and Moo Young hide, they all now are ready to draw their swords. A nervous servant comes in to announce that the tea is ready, and Choong has this sense of feeling something isn’t right. He tells his father that they shouldn’t stay, an advice the General agrees upon.


As General Yeon starts to leave the house, everyone grabs their swords. Choong looks particularly uneasy and behind the wall Moo Young swears: “Father. Today, at last, the traitors will be punished.”



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  1. Do you perhaps know what happens to Shi-Woo? I’m confused because he just disappeared….

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