The Bosses Treat Protect the Boss’s Crew for Lunch

From “Protect the Boss” location, Ji Sung and Jae Joong showed their warm heart, both of them works together to treat the whole crew. this is their way to express their gratitude to the entire team since “Protect the Boss” is pretty success. On the last broadcast this drama recorded rating as high as 18.7%. That’s why to celebrate  their early achievement, the Bosses decide to hold a lunch event for the whole team (crew, director, other actors and producer)

On August 12, Ji Sung reserved 100 meals for  crew. He was very happy, not only because “Protect the Boss” gained successful, but also because he was able to sit and lunch together with all crew  who had worked hard for this drama.

The next day, August 13, it was Jae Joong’s turn to treat. He brought 100 packages of  samgyetang to location for the crew.

Whoa…I love it, when actors realize that the success of the drama is not just because one factor (the actors), but also because the team’s hard work. Congratulations to the “Protect the Boss” team, I hope you will be successful until the end, keep fighting!

[by Blossom]

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