More Stills from Kim Sun Ah-Lee Dong Wook In Okinawa

As we know before that “Scent of Woman” has begun overseas filming in Okinawa. It seems that the Okinawa scenes are mostly for our couple, Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook.

And these photos of them while filming in Okinawa. Kim Sun Ah looks prettier here, Lee Dong Wook is more dashing since he was discharged from military last month. With summer outfit this couple were enjoying the beach, so romantic.

Kim Sun Ah plays as Yeon Jae, a dying woman who decided to make a trip before she dies. Meanwhile, Lee Dong Wook plays as Ji Wook, a chaebol on travel business, but he hides his real identity to Yeon Jae. They fall in love with each other through a brief romantic dating in Okinawa. The beautiful scenery of Okinawa beach make their love more beautiful.

“Scent of Woman” will be airing as weekend drama on SBS start on July 23rd.

[by Blossom]

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