The Cutest Couple On “Marry Me, Mary!”

“Marry Me, Mary” has started airing since a few days ago, but there was still much that can be discussed from this most anticipated drama.
When two adorable persons become one, what will happen?

For Moon Geun Yeong: after seeing her acting in dramas or movies I really agree with Rizz on Moon Geun Yeong acting ability. In this drama, Moon Geun Yeong was transformed into a very different figure from her previous roles. seeing these posters (above) I’m not sure she 23 years old, she looks so adorable as a child.

For Jang Geun Seok: I’m slightly not agree with his appearance in this drama, he looks…mmm :rolleyes: … pretty?…(Frankly, its difficult to call him “cool” or “handsome” with wavy hair and his nude face)

But, Moon Geun Yeong-Jang Geun Suk looks very cute in these poster. they even look like a child couple who were playing together (and I think Jang Geun Seok look prettier than Moon Geun Yeong. :?)

[info and image: 1, 2, 3]

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