The First Stills from “Three Beauties of Chosun” Revealed

20121222-Three Beauties of Joseon

After three months, finally on December 18th Ha Ji Won, Ga In and Kang Ye Won wrapped their filming process for up-coming movie “Three Beauties of Chosun”  (조선미녀삼총사). This last day shooting took place in Cheongju. And this is the sneak peek picture from that movie. The three beautiful women appear as Joseon warriors princesses,  Ha Ji Won and Ga In look so cool and pretty wearing the  warrior outfit, while Kang Ye Won looks shy and cute in pink hanbok.

“Three Beauties of Chosun” or also known as  “Korean Charlie’s Angels” is action-comedy movie that tells about three beautiful ladies who fought against a rebellion group who attempted to overthrow the royal family and took over the nation.

To celebrate their work for these three months, the crew and Ga In’s fans-club (Fairy Pitta) held mini party on the set, they also gave the bouquets  to Ha Ji Won, Ga In , and Kang Ye Won for their spirit and hard work during the filming.

Beside these pretty ladies, “Three Beauties of Chosun” also  featuring the actors, Go Chang Suk and Joo Sang Wook.  Meanwhile, the movie will be released on the first half of next year, maybe on spring 2013.


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  1. I’m so anticipating this movie. HJW fighting! I look forward to your chemistry with Joo Sang Wook

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