Ha Ji Won’s “The Huntresses” Revealed First Video Teaser

Yeay! the most awaited movie “The Huntresses” (formerly known “Three Beauties of Joseon”) gives us the hint. Although the movie officially will be released on May but on March 4th the first video trailer was released!

The video shows the action of three beautiful ladies, Ha Ji Won, Kang Ye Won, and Ga In. As the leader of the sisters, Ha Ji Won does the martial arts like a pro, meanwhile Kang Ye Won looks playful and girly, then Ga In being so cool. They are transformed into Joseon era’s Charlie’s Angels. They hunt and kick ass of the bad men.

Based on this 1 minute duration video, the movie will be so hilarious and silly, but too bad, i can’t find the man with amazing body, Joo Sang Wook, in this first video teaser.. :mrgreen:

And now I can’t wait to see their action this May!!!

20130305-The Huntresses


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