The Happiness from “Protect The Boss”

Whoaaa..finally “Protect The Boss” ended on episode 18, and thank God, happiness for the couples (oops..spoiler here :p )

Why do we really love “Protect the Boss”? Well it’s actually not a long explanation, BUT for those who haven’t watch the drama, you better start watching it to find out the answer. I guarantee you will fall in love with this drama right away,too.

For me personally, at first I thought having the four main actors, this drama will bring just the same story like any other dramas, so cliche with love triangle or love quadrangle with the intrigues cunning and cruel, unfair competition and bla bla bla, but it turned out that I didn’t find those things in”Protect The Boss”in a cliche way. I mean, of course there’s a love triangle and quadrangle you name it…but here you’ll find the concept presented in a differently amusing way:  brighter and lighter…

Eun Seol (Choi Kang-hee) and Na Yoon (Wang Ji Hye) could prove that even if you started the relationship as rivals you could end up to be best friends. And for the bosses, Ji Heon (Ji Sung) and Moo Won (Jae Joong), bring very adorable competition where you can find men love fighting like children.

The character of each role is also very natural, reasonable and unique. There is no excessive ambition here including the chaebols, Ji Heon and Moo Won, who never be ambitious to take over the company, and neither Na Yoon. Although she comes from a wealthy family she was very happy to be friends with Myung Ran and Eun Seol. And for Eun Seol, she always faces the reality like all ordinary people should do, that’s why she’s my favorite character.

I think the director and writer are really genius and creative. They could create a lot of funny-romantic scenes, making the story really different with other dramas. There’s no overacting antagonist character in this drama and this is not a Cinderella story. The point is: this drama is too fun to be missed, too much happiness and cuteness as well.

We’ll see you in another project… :)

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  1. 이 영화는 놀랍게도 좋아 모든 사람들이 큰소리로 웃고 만들 수 있습니다 :)

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