Protect The Boss Episode 6 Summary

Ji Heon apologized to Eun Seol and kind of begged her not to hit him because she’s more than ready to throw a punch on him. He let go Eun Seol with the car by saying that she shouldn’t go too  fast nor too slow driving the car home.

And then his grandmother caught him giving the car to Eun Seol.

She asked him if he had fallen for her. Innocently Ji Heon was surprised, “How could you know?” Then his grandma told him to stop doing that because he wouldn only hurt her at the end. As the future company’s leader, his marriage had to be approved by all the shareholders.

Meanwhile, Moo Won drove back home with a brokenhearted feeling because Na Yoon really broke him up for Ji Heon. But instead of going home, he went to the office and found Eun Seol studying alone. He asked her for a dinner out. This time was only a simple ramyon.

Ji Heon was on his bed thinking about Eun Seol’s question that he didn’t answer about his trauma. He flash back and recalled a memory whern the little Ji Heon cried alone in the middle of a crowded field

And then he suddenly felt about having a “night checking” call, but ended up finding out that Eun Seol wasn’t home yet and Moo Won was with her. But Ji Heon couldn’t do anythign because Moo Won threatened him about getting a 4 times meal with Eun Seol if he interfere again this time.

Cha Moo Won told Eun Seol that he’s brokenhearted and he ask her promise about giving a lesson to someone hurting him. Eun Seol said, “Do you want me to take care of that ice cream girl? do you want me to hit a soda can to her forehead like last time?” Moo Won just felt thankful to have her in his hard time.

Arriving at home, Moo Won told his mom that Eun Seol was his spy to get close to Ji Heon. But Madam Shin seemed to doubt her own son this time.

Ji Heon couldn’t get any sleep that night and caused him sleeping during the meeting and that just upset Chairman Cha.

Eun Seol immediately started Ji Heon’s training plan. Instead of taking a proper class, she made herself accepted for a part-time job as a cleaning lady in a mental-training institution. All she needed to do just observe what the trainer do and tell his trainees to do as part of the training.

Madam Shin was planning to put the pervert guy beaten by Ji Heon and Eun Seol lst time in the company. Na Yoon’s mom thought it was a bad idea to have someone like him in the company, but Madam Shin seemed to have an evil plan with it.

She also suddenly became very kind to Chairman Cha by offering a help to support Ji Heon. Chairman Cha accepeted her sudden-fishy kindness clamly and positively in the surface. But he’s alert mode actually never fade.

Na Yoon called Ji Heon to meet her. She just never gave up on him. This time Ji Heon didn’t hesitate to say that he’s serious with his feelings to Eun Seol. He said he wouldn’t make the same mistake again like he was with Na Yoon long ago when she’s always be the aggresive party. He said this time he would be the one to make Eun Seol swayed to him.

Being upset, Na Yoon called Eun Seol to scold her for being a liar. Eun Seol couldn’t explain the real reason but she wouldn’t let Na Yoon hit her.

Moo Won found out about his mother’s evil plan. So he planned to move Eun Seol to other job to protect her. But Eun Seol turning it down because she’s having her first professional task and she wanted to finish it well. But Eun Seol asked Moo Won to help her if she got into a trouble next time. “For me, you’re a person I can always rely on,” said Eun Seol to Moo Won.

The Grandma was about to tell Eun Seol her true identity when Eun Seol came. But she turned out to have a dizzy feeling and Eun Seol had to carry her on the back. When Ji Heon asked what’s happen, his grandma gave him a sign to play along.

but it was ruined as soon as Chairman Cha coming and asked, “Mom, what happen to you?” Eun Seol finally found out the truth.

Ji Heon had his first training with Eun Seol. Firstly they went for jogging. And then Eun Seol made him wear sunglasses and stood on the crowded field to sing a song she learned at the training place. He was adorable :D But when it came to speech exercise, Ji Heon got the panic attack again.

As soon as Ji Heon left after sending Eun Seol home, Moo Won approached her to tell her that he’s not a good person as she always thought. But the conversation was interrupted because Eun Seol got a call that Myeong Ran caught another pervert and sent him to the police station.

Myeong Ran got a reward from the police station for her bravery all this time, helping the police.

Chairman Cha finally found out what Madam Shin was up to. They finally negotiated. He wanted Madam Shin not to let the media publish Ji Heon’s picture punching the pervert, while Madam Shin asked him not to throw company’s 25th anniversary celebration party. Chairman Cha finally spent the day of his company’s anniversary by doing community works.

Moo Won warned her mom not to hurt Eun Seol otherwise she’d be the one who’d be ashamed at the end. Madam Shin was upset and asked, “Don’t tell me that you’ve given your heart to that girl?” Moo Won said, “I finally know what shame is, thanks to her.”

Eun Seol got three summoned for a meeting calls in row that day. Firstly from Na Yoon’s mom who was about to warn her about not getting close with the Cha cousins. But Eun Seol just said, “Are you Cha Ji Heon’s mom? Are you Cha Moo Won’s mom? You’re not both. So you better leave now because i’m really busy today.”

Second person came was Moo Won’s mom. Eun Seol was tired with it, so she just said, “This is just a misundersatnding. I don’t have any intention to get involved with the 2nd generation of a chaebol family. I just want to do my job well and get a free life.”

And the third person came was… “Why are you doing this to me too, Grandma?” said Eun Seol desperately.The grandmother was confused asking, “What’s wrong with you? I just come to apologize for what happen yesterday.” Then Eun Seol told her about the two madams meeting her to tell her to stay away from the Cha cousins.

After meeting the grandma, Eun Seol called Moo Won’s out. Ohoo, he got the new hairstyle! Eun Seol told him to let his mother new it was a misunderstanding between  them because it would cause troubles in the future. Moo Won said sorry for making her worry but then surprisingly he said, “What if it’s not a misunderstanding? I want you to see me not as the God-like. I’m a human and I want you to see me as a man.”

And right in that moment, Ji Heon, who found out that Eun Seol was with Moo Won, witnessed his cousin’s confession towards Eun Seol.’s getting more interesting! :)

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  1. Lana Somerhalder Cress

    I just love Moo Won. That sight of him makes my heart jump. I would really like to see him an Bae Soo Bin in a drama together. LOL. I’m fainting.

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