The King 2 Hearts Soundtrack Part-3

Lee Yoon Ji talks about her first love on her drama “The King 2 Hearts”, for that she sings “First Love” (처음 사랑) for soundtrack part-3. This song is so sweet, just a simple song, i love the lyrics, so touching.

This is the same song which Jae Shin sang for Eun Shi Kyung on episode 7. We know that Lee Yoon Ji is not a real singer as her role on the drama, but i think in here her voice is quite nice to listen…seriously. And frankly Jae Shin-Shi Kyung’s flirting scenes makes me more curious about their relationship, the cold and stiff Eun Shi Kyung needs the cheerful and sensitive Lee Jae Shin. I hope the princess-guard couple will have a happy ending.

Besides Lee Yoon Ji, rookie singer J-Min also contributes for this part, she sings “I Can’t Say It” (말 못하죠). The nice voice for beautiful song, just perfect for this drama. The girls really do their job very well .

and  the last but not least, there’s Super Kidd (슈퍼키드)  sings “Feeling Alive” (내 맘대로 살꺼야), pretty different with other songs, “Feeling Alive” sounds more dynamic and rock, but this is my favorite song. i think this song to representing Jae Shin’s personalities, vibrant, free, and bright princess.

Lee Yoon Ji – First Love (처음 사랑)


J-Min – I Can’t Say It (말 못하죠)

Super Kidd – Feeling Alive (내 맘대로 살꺼야)


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  1. do you have the lyrics for super kidd felling alive?

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