The King 2 Hearts: The Conclusion for Episode 3 and 4

Sorry  this week i’m too late to give some comments on “The King 2Hearts”, especially for episode 3 and 4. Because for my seven-years-old-brain needed twice-watch to digest the whole story.

Last week was the amazing tense episodes! And finally i have got one conclusion, the writes were genius and audacious. Hong Ja Ram and Hong Jin Ah without hesitation taking the risk to bring the heavy and sensitive issue into a weekly drama. Furthermore they also put the comedy, because so far as i know, for  two brothers'(South and North) relationship, South Korean entertainment industry more likely to adapt it to serious movies. And so far the director, Lee Jae Gyu, managed to presents those things on the screen so good. I loved the tense that he created on this drama. In short, from my perspective this drama is absolutely not a cheesy drama.

Frankly, I was okay with the bomb terror issue on Episode 3 but  at first it seemed  the writers used SNSD as the trigger point at Episode 4. I was frowning, because i thought it was too trivia and too weak reason to make the brothers into bickering state.

But now i realized why they deliberately used SNSD to provoke the issue. Besides nowadays SNSD is known as the icon of South Korean pop culture, it’s also because the writers want to tell the audience in a more simple way about the complicated issue… And of course they also didn’t want to lost more audience so they took the light thing like SNSD in here instead of the heavy fact.

For antagonist character, Kim Bong Goo (Yoon Je Moon) I thought he’s described as too abstract. But from these episodes I just know that he’s just a simple villain, eventually he’s just a dealer (weapon). But the writers make his character so complicated, for this i dunno is it advantages or disadvantages. But regardless the characters, Yoon Je Moon’s acting was so awesome..he’s totaly lunatic, mmm..but, please no more gecko and the fake tongue in the future episode, choose more humanly toys, ajeossi!

Lee Jae Ha is played so nice by Lee Seung Gi. I think he is the representative of South characters, easy going, open minded, and glamour. While Ha Ji Won successful transforms in to North Korean woman, simple, innocently and pure, hasn’t contamination from outside hegemony. They are perfectly personification from the countries.

And finally i know why they needed more times on WOC training. It was to build strong relationship between Jae Ha and Hang Ah.  It was important for their love in the future. So far the bind that writers made for Lee Jae Ha-Kim Hang Ha relationship is quite strong.

On episode 4 there were scene when Jae Ha shot Hang Ha, I think it was the critical point. Because maybe there will be deja vu scene for them, maybe later Jae Ha has to choose between his country or his love… actually i’m afraid that at the end there must be sacrifices.

Even lost 2% audience, actually episode 3 and 4 were the turning point for the whole story. The writers put some keys on these episodes, the King’s dream about reunification, the background of marriage arrangement, and the most important was Lee Jae Ha and Kim Hang Ha’s true feelings. Those whole things will be the source of the conflicts on the next episodes.

So, lets enjoy today episode (episode 5), i don’t care anymore about the rating since this drama is too alluring to make me think of so many things. Fighting “The King 2Hearts”!!!

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  1. I totally agree with you; I initially thought the SNSD scene was bleh; but now I understand the meaning behind it.

    Episode 4 sums up where the story will be like; so like you, I won’t be bothered about the ratings anymore.

    Btw, the Hong Sisters who wrote TK2H is Hong Jin Ah; she’s Hong Ja Ram’s sister.

    While Hong Mi Ram is Hong Jung Eun’s sister (they’re Hong Sisters who wrote You’re Beautiful, MGIAG, Delightful Girl Chun Yang, Best Love, etc).

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