Lee Seung Gi, Our Good Boy Who Becomes Mature

Whoaa..when I was watching marathon episode 7 and 8 of “The King 2 Hearts” last week, I felt like riding the roller coaster. I hate the feeling but it was a kind of addiction and made me getting curious…Seriously I hate when my emotion became upside down, but this drama is too marvelous to be missed.

I admitted that the writers are really genius. I wondered how they’ve been binding the conflict to become that great story. But over all I was amazed by Lee Seung Gi’s acting, especially on episode 8, after the King died.  Lee Jae Ha who was still shocked of his beloved brother’s death was suddenly forced to hold the throne until he had no time to mourn or just digest the latest condition. He had no choice. In one night every thing changed that he was suddenly no longer a spoiled prince. he has to be the  king who bears so much burden.

In front of his people he must always be strong, he can’t show the emotion even on Lee Jae Kang’s funeral, but when he’s alone…ooooh..his tears made my heart broken. I almost fell in love with Jae Ha at that time…

Since that episode, I threw my prejudice away. For me, Lee Seung Gi is really perfect to portray Lee Jae Ha, the spoiled prince who is forced to be mature. And I think through Lee Jae Ha,  Seung Gi  up-grades his acting quality and builds another image which is more mature and serious.

Frankly, due to his bright and cheerful personalities I always assume that Seung Gi is just a boy, kind of forget he’s already 26 years old this year. And now on Lee Jae Ha figure I just realized that he totally became the hot and mature guy.

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3 Responses to Lee Seung Gi, Our Good Boy Who Becomes Mature

  1. love EP8 ..I like the way Lee Seung Gi hold his emotion and the way Ha jee won understand on him ..so love ..

  2. I just love his expressive eyes and his moving, deep voice.
    He never fails to make me cry with his dramas…

  3. Yeah it’s exactly what I feel towards Lee Seung Gi. It recalls me of My GF is Gumiho when he changed from a selfish, spoiled boy to a passionate and responsible gentleman, each time caused me so much emotions that I have to admit that he is my most favorite Korean actor. I’m so sad that people were fond of Rooftop prince over The king 2 hearts, there is no way that idol lovely but cheesy drama could win over The king’s amazing plot. Every minutes of each passionate episode made me want to explode in emotion, it’s never lengthy with boring lovey dovey stuffs. I’m kind of surprised when Korean don’t feel that way about their pennisula’s reunification ~~

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