The King 2 Hearts: Was Really It “Only-Dream-Kiss”?

The second episode of The King 2Hearts last night (March 22nd) made love more the couple: cocky prince and bipolar assassin, Lee Jae Ha and Kim Hang Ah. Whoaa…I fall in love with this drama! They are so adorable, it was more than I expected. And for this first week, among other anticipated dramas, “Rooftop Prince” and “The Equator Man”, “The King 2Hearts” managed to gain first place on viewers’ rating, 16,2 % for first episode, and 16,5% for last night episode.

I was quite surprised that they (the writers and director) already make the relationship between Lee Jae Ha and Kim Hang Ha bloom this fast in just two episodes. After making  Hang Ah superior from Jae Ha at end of episode 1, on episode 2 they made Jae Ha and Hang Ah as roommates. Of course there were still so many bickering moments between them, but the flirting scenes tell more for us about their true feelings.

Then, what about the neck-kiss scene in this episode???

As a good room-mate, Jae Ha comforted Hang Ah who was brokenhearted because of her friend. Then after that they were getting closer. And when Hang Ah was going to sleep, Jae Ha approached her on her bed. He said he wanted to pat Hang Ah’s back to make her sleep, at first Hang Ah rejected, but then she let Jae Ha beside her, she turned back and slept.

While Hang Ah was asleep, Jae Ha made a sweet movements. He held her hand then made his face closer to Hang Ah’s, then he kissed Hang Ah’s neck! Whoaaa (okay, frankly when I saw this scene, when Lee Seung Gi almost kiss Ha Ji Won’s neck, I suddenly  yelled “Hyun Bin-ssi, comeback soon, your girl almost stolen by the doughnut boy!!!”)

However, that kiss turned out to be only Hang Ah’s dream. She suddenly woke up, and asked Jae Ha what happened last night. With mouth full of doughnut, Jae Ha replied innocently that nothing happened last night. But when Hang  Ah left, he just smirked. This smirk was fishy.

Because of his smirk I’m not sure if it was just a dream. At the end it was explained that that night Jae Ha succeeded to find Hang Ah’s threating weapon, the needles indeed, but I think the prince had actually already one step further. I doubted it was just Hang Ah’s dream. I bet he really was kissing Hang Ah’s neck when she was sleeping, but he was just too arrogant or too coward to admit it.

2 Responses to The King 2 Hearts: Was Really It “Only-Dream-Kiss”?

  1. Lemme be happy and say that the kiss was real.It must beeeeeeee!!

  2. I really like what you yelled, but I love both Kim Joo Won and Donut boy ha ha

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