The Mysterious Poster from “Ghost” (유령)

The main poster from “Ghost”(유령) looked  so creepy, Okay i agree with Rizz here. I think So Ji Sub’s expressionless cold face that makes this poster mysterious. if you see the title and this poster, i bet you think this is a horror drama.

But wait a minute, this drama will not involve the spirit or astral creature, the tense is to representing the mysterious cases on crime cyber unit. Actually if you look more clearly beside that cold expression, this pictures content complicated digital codes, and those are related with the drama’s theme, about cyber crime.

On this thriller drama, So Ji Sub play as top agent on cyber crime unit, Kim Woo Hyun,  a genius detective who will face with genius, psychotic, and heartless villain. This drama is not only about cyber crime,but also is going to lead to terrifying murder cases.

“Ghost” will be running on SBS start on May 30.

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  1. For this drama also, why u did not create a quick summary of that drama???

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