The Potential Kissing Scene from “City Hunter”

Need one hour and a half for Lee Min Ho-Park Min Yeong to create kissing scenes. According to the director, this kissing scene is very important for the relationship between the private detective and secret agent later. Perhaps because of the burden, both of them were difficult to improve this scene in a short time. Or maybe Lee Min Ho was quite awkward to give a brief kiss to Park Min Yeong? :left:

As a secret agent, Kim Na Na (Park Min Yeong) gets the duty to protect the president’s daughter. One day she must follow her to  the club.  At the club, she met Lee Min Ho’s character and there the brief-kiss incident happen. Their relationship starts there.

So bad for us, we still need about one more month to see their first kissing scene since “City Hunter” will be broadcasted start on May 25th.

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