Lee Min Ho-Park Min Yeong: Dating, CONFIRMED!

Still on the same day, today (August 23rd), their agencies announced two different statements. At first, the representative said that between Lee Min Ho and Park Min Yeong were just friends, but after a few hours after the first statement, their agencies rectify that statement, because finally the StarHaus Entertainment (Lee Min Ho’s agency) through Star News released the statement that it is true that between Lee Min Ho and Park Min Yeong have developed warm feelings for each other, and yes Lee Min Ho and Park Min Yeong are indeed dating.

Are you sure about this is confirmed dear agencies?? There will be no revision statement anymore from you ‘unstable’ agencies???  :? (quite confusing to write two different articles just in few hours gap)

Okay, if that’s true then congratulation for City Hunter and Nana Bear! Actually their relationship began right after “City Hunter” ended, about a month ago, hohoho…So it’s still fresh. And it means their love grows up obviously because of their roles in “City Hunter”.

I hope they do not end up like other couples who became lovers because playing in the same drama, like Hyun Bin-Song Hye Kyeo..oops..sorry i don’t mean to scratch the old wound, just as reminder. But thanks God they still have Yoo Jin and Gi Tae Yeong as the successful role models.

Eventhough as a lovers, apparently their quality times to be together are very limited because both of them are very busy. Lee Min Ho with his promotions overseas, and Park Min Yeong with her new drama “Man of Honor”. Anyhow…I’m a very supportive fan so sincerely hope you succeed with your love! ;)

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  1. hello u two couple are good together..keep it up

  2. i love minhooooooooooooooooooo

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