The Students from “School 2013” (학교 2013) Revealed

KBS revealed the pics of a bunch of teenagers wearing the school uniforms. Yeah..they are students from one of the most anticipated dramas at the end of the this year, “School 2013” (학교 2013)or known as “School season 5”. The drama plans to begin airing on December 3rd for replacing “Ohlala Couple”

For this season, Lee Jong Suk (High Kick) become the main male student characters alongside with Kim Woo Bin.  Lee Jong Suk appears as the introvert and emotionless student, Go Nam Sun. Then as Park Heung Soo, Kim Woo Bin looks cool on this pic. While on female side there are princess No Gook from “Faith”, Park Se Yeong. She will take the role of Song Ha Kyung, the sweet and smart student but i think she looks too serious as high school student. From her expression i guess she has the gloomy side. Then, there’s  5dolls member, Hyoyeong, who becomes the cute and cheery Lee Kang Joo.

Beside them, to make richer and fresher story, other names with quirky and attractive characters revealed as Jang Na Ra and Choi Daniel’s students, they are Dani (newbie from T-ara),  Choi Chang Yeob as Kim Min Ki, Kwak Jung Wook as Oh Jung Ho, Kim Yeong Jun as Byeon Gi Deok, Jeon Soo Jin as Kye Na Ri, Kim Chang Hwan as Han Yeong Woo, and more.

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