School 2013 Episode 1 Quick Summary

School 2013 started with  a delivery boy on his two wheels heading to a tutorial place, our High Kick boy. The tutorial place is a famous one, with the most famous tutorial teacher in town: Kang Se Chan. The boy acted indifferent, delivering a cake to one of the students in Se Chan’s class. He even refused when Se Chan offered him his famous practice book, “I don’t need that.” Se Chan might be famous and successful as a tutorial teacher, but he seemed to be a lonely person…no one even cared for his birthday. That cake was not for him, it’s for one of the students who also was celebrating a birthday.

This delivery boy, Go Nam Soo, comes  from a low-middle class family. He’s girls’ favorite, indifferent  character, but the cold type…he’s indifferent because he’s the type who avoid conflict with others…not really avoiding contact. That morning at school, the three badass students with its leader, Oh Jong Ho, tried to bully him. But no one really touched him. Jong Ho just tried to make him sip a cigarette, but Nam Soo decided to just leave…avoiding conflict. But there’s where the conflict of this first episode started.

This drama is the soft version of Japanese dorama Gokusen. The new homeroom teacher for classroom 2-2 is not a yakuza grand daughter just like in Gokusen, but a normal pretty female teacher, Jeong In Jae. This classroom was a mess. The students are nightmares for every teacher. Go Nam Soo and Oh Jong Ho were in this class. Aside from them, there’s the pretty Seong Ha Kyeong, who seemed to have a complicated relationship with Nam Soo, not clear yet who’s chasing for whom. But the complication was not that serious, they just don’t get along with each other well.

The cigarette smoking moment was caught in camera and the headmaster got them. Both Nam Soo and Jong Ho were summoned for investigation. They both didn’t admit anything, but too bad evidences were obvious. This problem was handled by a disciplinary teacher and it made In Jae felt the urge to defend her students. She made a brave action saying that she would take care of her students well so that male teacher should hand them over to her…she didn’t know the headmaster and her secretary were there. But it worked. They let go Jong Ho and Nam Soo.

Nam Soo and Jong Ho were like arch villains. Jong Ho was picking up a nerdy student demanding for money in the class. The three used violence. One of them was slapping that nerdy when suddenly Nam Soo threw a book to him. And in his cool gesture, he just got up his chair and asked if anyone saw his book. He got the book and then back to his seat. Jong Ho tend to just let him go.

In the class, other students were okay during the class…they paid a little attention to In Jae. But Jong Ho, not at all. At first he slept. In Jae asked his friend to wake him up. But then he just busy with his phone instead. In Jae was going to take it from him, but Jong Ho was really angry…like violence angry. And no one dare to help their teacher. Nam Soo just hesitated.

In Jae was shock. So shock. Jong Ho was that scary. And this incident didn’t stop there. At the canteen where In Jae was in charge for the supervision that time, Jong Ho made a scene again. They caught in a fight after In Jae tried to make him and his buddies to queue just like other students. Jong Ho pissed off again, but In Jae didn’t step back this time. She slapped him. And the scary Jong Ho became much angrier. He’s about to hit In Jae back, but this time, Nam Soo came to give a help. Thankfully the Teacher Uhm came to prevent any fight.

Through a class vote and Jong Ho’s last voice, Nam Soo was elected as class president.

And Ha Kyeong the secretary. Ha Kyeong acted bossy to Nam Soo, and he just like to avoid conflict.

The school was having a school entrance presentation. In Jae asked her class not to make any scene because they would have many guests.

Se Chan was invited to Seung Ri school to attend that event. When he got there, he and In Jae were looking at the same mirror, checking their appearance. Se Chan mistook In Jae as one of the students. While Se Chan, who had no idea how famous Se Chan was, mistook Se Chan as one of the fathers of the coming students.

Meanwhile in classroom 2-2, Jong Ho was picking up the nerdy student again, asking for money. Nam Soo who was actually with the nerdy, told him to go away and face Jong Ho himself. He asked Jong Ho to stop it right then. Jong Ho’s bad anger management was really bad, so he got pissed off again. He started to bully Nam Soo but Nam Soo didn’t fight back nor defended himself. He received a push, a slap…but until one very hard push that he fell hard to the chairs. Nam Soo’s patient limit finished there. He grabbed a chair.

In a nearby toilet, Se Chang suddenly heard a scream of male student. He ran to the scream source right away. Meanwhile downstairs, the headmaster was having a school tour for the guests when suddenly, a chair flew off the window. Nam Soo’s face was seen by the window. Teacher Uhm and In Jae ran to the classroom and found only Nam Soo in there.

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  1. Somehow, I like dramas which reflect my life, as a teacher, and a human as well. This drama have it!

    Thanks for your recap ^^

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