Three Dramas War in September!

Attention all k-drama lovers: be ready for the war!  :!: In September this year, you’ll have three anticipated dramas to watch: “My Girlfriend Is Gumiho”, “Naughty Kiss” and “The Fugitive”.

We’ll begin from the bottom one of the above image. They’re the leading roles for “My Girlfriend Is Gumiho“: Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gi. The two have started shooting for this drama and it’s scheduled for first airing on August 11, replacing “Bad Guy” on SBS. Even though both stars are not as phenomenal as Rain or Kim Hyeon Joong, the idea of the story sounds interesting and they’re gonna start airing before the other two dramas. I think those points will bring them positive response from the viewers.

The Korean version of the phenomenal drama “Naughty Kiss” will be played by Kim Hyeon Joong and Chong Su Min. It’ll be aired on MBC in September. The stars’ casting for this drama had taken public’s attention because there were many famous names mentioned. Honestly, I personally a bit disappointed for the fact that they chose Kim Hyeon Joon for the male lead. But, it’s just a prejudice since I think his performance in his last drama, “Boys Before Flower” (2009) wasn’t really outstanding. I think this drama will face a hard competition if the PD fail to give something new and more creative for this remake drama. I mean…for gaining a success on this drama, you cannot only rely on the leading actor’s/actress’ name and the success of the other versions (of the drama) right? Well, good luck for this drama then.

I’m so sorry if you think i have a bad sentiment for Kim Hyeon Joon. Well, i’m definitely not his fan, but i don’t dislike him in personal matter. I’m just so disappointed since I love the drama so much. I just thought they could take another actor. :cry:

The last one is “The Fugitive”, which will be played by Rain and Lee Na Young and aired on KBS. This drama has been boasted as the next blockbuster drama for having many famous names on the casts. Besides the two leading stars, they’re having Daniel Henney, Lee Jung Jin, Yoon Jin So, Yoon Son Ha, and a Japanese actor Takenaka Naoto.  The writer of this drama will be Cheon Seong Il, whose previous work was the successful “Chuno”.

At first rumor had it that the drama will start airing on October, but then it’s said to be September. Anyhow, I think this drama has the strongest attraction in comparison with the other two. Famous names, well known writer, interesting settings (include many cities inside and outside Korea) and of course the story concept.

As for me personally, I’m gonna give a try on “My Girlfriend Is Gumiho” first, not really interested in “Naughty Kiss” but will consider it, and “The Fugitive” comes next. ;)

So, how’s it with you? Which one will you watch if the three are airing in the same time?

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