“Time Slip Doctor Jin” Revealed The Main Character Stills

The hybrid modern-sageuk drama “Time slip Doctor Jin” has begin the fliming since mid April. For first shoot appeared the main characters Jin Hyuk (Song Seung Hun) and Yoo Mi Na (Park Min Yeong). The filming took place at university hospital at Gangwon.

For their characters on this medical drama, Song Seung Hun and Park Min Yeong were wearing the doctor uniform. As the the almost perfect doctor, Song Seung Hun looked so neat and flawless, while Park Min Yeong looked more mature and serious with longer hair and the doctor uniform. For Park Min Yeong, she will have double roles, the bright and cheerful doctor Yoo Mi Na, and as the classy lady, Hong Yeong Rae , at past time.

Jin Hyuk will be the time traveler doctor, he jumps to 1860’s. The genius  doctor will be struggling between modern medical technique and traditional.

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