Tons of Teasers from Ha Ji Won’s Up-coming Drama “Empress Ki” Revealed

20131014-Ha Ji Won

Starting this week, “Empress Ki” (기황후) shows off the teaser parade. Besides publishing the stills of the lead actors, Ha Ji Won, Joo Jin Mo, and Ji Chang Wook , the 30 second video teaser is also revealed.

The video looks so epic that shows the main character with their emotions, the action scenes, and also reveals the triangle love between them.

Through “Empress Ki,” Ha Ji Won is required to do action scene, like riding the horse, using the sword or bow-arrow, but don’t worry those things are a piece of cake for Ha Ji Won. We have no doubt with her martial art ability and her physical acting, she is no.1 actress for that kind of stuff.


20131014-Ha Ji Won_2

20131014-Ha Ji Won_3

20131014-Ha Ji Won_4

Meanwhile, as the warrior-who-turned-to be-King of Goryeo, Joo Jin Mo looks charismatic on these teasers. Then our pretty boy, Ji Chang Wook as the abandoned crown prince looks so adorable and naive.

Actually with these teasers “Empress Ki” becomes so tempting to be watched, but for me, sageuk with 50 episode and based on history is so hard to be digested, at least i’ll try…

“Empress Ki” is ready for airing in MBC for replacing Monday-Tuesday drama “Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire” starts on October 28.

20131015-Joo Jin Mo

20131016-Ji Chang Wook


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