“Waiting” (“기다리다”) as song for Pil Sook (IU) & Jason (Woo Yeong)

In “Dream High” Episode 10, Jason (Woo Yeong) just couldn’t hold his feelings to Pil Sook (IU) anymore. It was very obvious. When Jason was in Japan he couldn’t stop thinking about her. He searched the internet of what kind of sickness might happened to her. He bugged Sam Dong asking what actually happened to her being hospitalized. He also asked Hye Mi how was Pil Sook doing after seeing Hye Mi called that girl. He even flew right back to Seoul as soon as the video shooting in Japan finished.

And there he was in front of Pil Sook. She challenged him of why exactly he came down there to the hospital, whether it’s just because of his good manner to see a sick friend. Disappointingly, Jason only said he came to hear her sing and because he had nothing else to do after the video shooting (blaah).

So there, Pil Sook, with the mermaid voice of IU…sang this song “Waiting” (“기다리다”). This is actually not a new song, but as soon as this scene was aired, it made a hit again! It was the song Jason was listening in library on the previous episode. It touched people’s heart so very well. Well, IU does sing very beautifully as always and it’s just the perfect song to potray Pil Sook-Jason relationship that time. We love this couple (of Dream High) so much don’t we?

This song made me want to cry… T_T

I want to thank the person cut this clip ;) … thanks!

Ooh I just can’t wait to write the summary… T_T

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