Dream High Episode 16 Summary (Final)

I can’t believe this drama was really over. I can say Dream High is one of the most creative Korean dramas ever. The concept was fresh, the casts had succeeded to turn people doubt into acknowledgement, the plot was very dynamic and the soundtracks were great. I actually couldn’t wait to write this summary as soon as I watched the episode, but unfortunately I just got the time today.

Dream High group was facing a problem that they might not be able to release their debut soon. It’s because they had Baek Hee and Jin Guk, whom the public still talk about regarding their scandal with their previous director. Baek Hee and Jin Guk said the rest of the group should go on without them, but everyone disagree. They had to stick together.

Hye Mi got more confused with her own feelings. She got awkward everytime Sam Dong approached her in a very friendly gesture. She asked Pil Sook what could be happening to her feelings, how could she know who’s the person she really liked. Pil Sook just said what she had said before, and then Jason interrupted. He said Hye Mi had to draw the line seriously. She couldn’t confuse two hearts, she had to decide whom her heart belonged to. We know that Hye Mi always hoped it was Jin Guk, but actually her heart called for Sam Dong. She tried to convince herself that Sam Dong was just a friend…but let’s see how hard could she try.

Hye Mi and Baek Hee had an idea how they could draw people’s attention to Dream High. They planned to make a public scene. They “persuaded” (with various kinds of tricks) their friends at Kirin to help them with their plan. There was this one weirdly clumsy photographer who put his eye on Dream High activity. We still didn’t know what he was up to.

Later that night, Sam Dong approached Jin Guk to tell him he’s giving up on Hye Mi. He said what really mattered to him was Hye Mi’s presence by his side no matter whom her heart fell into. He didn’t care if Hye Mi turned out to really like Jin Guk and hated him, as long as she wasn’t going to US. Jin Guk stayed quite when Sam Dong spoke. When Sam Dong asked him what’s with that look he had for him, Jin Guk only said “Rrrr, you seem to never change, always make people has a goosebumps.”

Hye Mi’s dad was starting to be supportif, though he’s still proceeding his plan to bring his daughter to US. Until that night he caught in an argument with Kang Oh Seon that he finally knew what really happened to his late wife and what Oh Yeok had done for his family. He wept all night, and Oh Yeok finally explained to him the real story.

The public scene really worked. Yang Jin Man acted as the front line. He caught everyone’s attention when he stopped in the middle of a crowd, turned on Dream High’s song, and started to dance. The Dream High members and “appointed” Kirin students disguised as regular passers by slowly, one by one, joined him dancing.

Go Byung Jik was watching his happy daughter danced with her friends. Oh Yeok spoke to him about Hye Mi’s hard process to get to this point. Her friends played a big part in her improvement.

Kang Oh Yeok and Ms. Shi were excitedly watching the on-line video of Dream High’s public scene the other day when they accidently kissed. They turned awkward after that, but Ms.Shi suddenly changed into a cute cheeky girl. More hilariously, Principal Shi had to witness all that with his own eyes.

The Dream High got a chance to on the stage! That’s a big news. Kang Oh Yeok delivered them to Sam Dong, Hye Mi and Jin Guk…and the three instantly hold each other and celebrated it. It took awhile for Hye Mi to realize that she’s holding Sam Dong ;p

Everyone was happy, but also very nervous about their first time being on tge big stage to promote their debut album. Jason had to comfort Pil Sook. Jin Guk was trying to have a little chit chat with Sam Dong when he found out that Sam Dong hearing was badly degrade. Sam Dong couldn’t even hear what he just said. Hye Mi then found out about it and truned to be very worry. But Sam Dong insisted that he’s okay and anyone shouldn’t worry about him.

The showcase went successful.

Hye Mi was carrying some laundry down stairs when Sam Dong offered her a hand. It turned out that Hye Mi had been avoiding him. However, Sam Dong caught her and took the laundry from her hand. That’s when her wallet dropped under the stair without her notice. Jin Guk came out and asked her out. The awkward Hye Mi instantly said yes and hurriedly went out with him. Just before Jin Guk’s motorbike ready to go, Hye Mi realized she had lost her wallet.

Sam Dong coincidently found Hye Mi’s wallet under the stairs. He opened it and saw the Dream High group picture in it. What he didn’t see it coming was when he was about to take out the Dream High picture, he was his own photograph beneath it! What the…?

Oh My God. So it was officially announced to whom Hye Mi’s heart fell. And that, everyone, was a very handsome picture of Sam Dong ;) . Go Hye Mi…gotcha!

Hye Mi freaked out seeing Sam Dong holding her wallet. She asked him if he opened it and saw something. Sam Dong acted very well, as if he never saw anything so shockingly made him happy.

Jin Guk brought Hye Mi to their memorable place. It was the first time Jin Guk saw Hye Mi cried and he put on a helmet on her head. He did the same thing this time. It was on that spot Hye Mi finally told him about her true feelings, and Jin Guk support her as a friend and as a gentleman whose heart fell for her.

Kang Oh Yeok was summoned to the principal office because the announcement for students who succeeded to go on to the EMC audition had arrived. Principal Shi then said that if not because her daughter was in love with him, he wouldn’t Oh Yeok got away. Kang Oh Yeok was so surprise. “D-d-did you say Ms. Shi in love with me? Really?”

Kang Oh Yeok got two good news on the same day: all the Dream High members succeeded to go to the next audition of EMC and Ms. Shi was in love with him.  The students was very nervous about the announcement.

At first they didn’t believe that all their names were written on that announcement letter, but when Oh Yeok showed them and confirmed that he wasn’t joking around, the kids couldn’t hold their emotion of happiness.

Ms. Shi shared her feelings of proud to the kids with Oh Yeok. Felt like all their hard works paid off. They just one step away from fulfilling their biggest dream. The chosen two talents who were successful on the up coming audition were going to US to start working on their first album there.

Oh Yeok then made his move to ask Ms.Shi out for dinner…

The director of EMC turned out to be the clumsy photographer. That’s a little surprise. Everyone was so excited and very nervous. No one would let go of the chance go to US to make his/her dream came true. Even Sam Dong who said, “I think being the best was a going to be lonely and hard. However, I still want to be the best and will never let the chance go.”

And so the audition started. Everyone prayed and did for their best.

The country boy who was introduced to his dream by Hye Mi…

Pil Sook who hoped for the best…

Jason: “Is it my time already? I said, IS IT MY TIME?”

Jin Guk who never believe there such a thing as a foolish dream…so everydream was worth it and valuable.

Baek Hee who still believed that she had always been the special kid eversince her mother was carrying her.

Hye Mi, who always be confident…she said she thought she knew how the story would end…


The soft Pil Sook’s voice singing lullaby brought us to the future. We could see her wall of fame. She became IU and was very successful with all the trophies and albums… but she ended up there, singing a lullaby for some kids who were sleeping peacefully. She turned out to be a kindergarten teacher. She gained her weight again, but she’s very happy. And yes, Jason was still attached to her like he always had been. He became a professional entertainer and still got the spot light. He asked Pil Sook to go to the special concert that night.

They both still in love and happy. The big question was…”did they end up married or what?” I wished they made it more obvious about our most favourite and adorable couple T_T .

Yoon Baek Hee became the second Ms. Shi. She was a teacher at Kirin and was the strict one. She made her new students did the 200-pins-picking-in-5-minutes activity just like Ms. Shi did to her.

Ms. Shi became the Art Director at Kirin, while Oh Yeok was still a teacher. But we found out that they ended up married and had a daughter named Min Hee.

Until this stage I still guessed that Jin Guk was the K singer who was performing at the Grammy Awards. He was a very successful singer. He had released some successful albums at home country and abroad. And Ma Doo Shik was still as his manager.

Ma Doo Shik ran a happy life. He got a successful star like Jin Guk and a happy family with Kang Oh Seon.

Jin Guk came back to Korea to attend this special concert at night, just like what Jason had said to Pil Sook. So it had to be their first reunion after a very long time… And then Jin Guk saw the news about the Korean singer performing on Grammy and about his dad.

So the singer K was actually…Sam Dong. We could tell from the tuning fork. And from the soundless background, we kind of knew that he lived in a quite world, even though he was the world class singer then.

The scene went flashback, to the time when Sam Dong was about to leave for US. He refused to leave because he didn’t want to leave Hye Mi, while Hye Mi insisted him on going. He said Hye Mi was always his reason in music. “Without you, there’s no music,” he assured Hye Mi.

Hye Mi then asked him to free her from worrying him. She wanted him to show her that he could be independent and be the cool and handsome guy who stole her heart. Hye Mi was sending him away even though it hurt her. She wanted him to make his dream come true.

And so Sam Dong left.

The future K singer was ready to go on stage. Everybody was calling out his name. But this singer heard nothing. And he did a brave thing, he took off his hearing aid and gave it to the stage director. That man asked him, “Are you sure about it?” With a big smile on his face, Sam Dong answered, “I always am.”

The future in Korea, at the very same time… it turned out to be Hye Mi’s concert everyone was talking about. She became a very famous singer. (didn’t she look like Yoon Eun Hye to you?). Hye Mi was made a brief speech before her song. She said this song was very special, dearly dedicated for someone very special in her heart. And when I heard the intro for “Only Hope”, I knew she was talking about Sam Dong. She then sang the song beautifully…

All her old friends were there: Baek Hee, the couple Jason-Pil Sook, Kang Oh Yeok and Ms. Shi, Yang Jin Man…

Jin Gook watched from afar. A highschool girl played a trick to kiss him. He made the “who she thinks she is dares to kiss a star like me without my permission” look on his face. The girl said hello, “It’s been a long time, oppa.” And then she showed him her name: Go Hye Seong.

Jin Guk: “Is it really you, Hye Seong-a?” And if I may continue the line, i’d add, “how could you turn to be such a pretty girl??” :D

And we back again to the 2011 Sam Dong and Hye Mi. Sam Dong was already on the bus. It took Hye Mi some moment to assure herself about what she really need to do that very moment. So she ran after the bus, just like Sam Dong did when Hye Mi was leaving for Seoul on their first sweet moments. The bus stopped. Hye Mi knocked on Sam Dong’s window.

She put the special K pendant around Sam Dong’s neck wihout saying anything. And then Sam Dong reached out for her face. And then they kissed.

And the drama was officially over. It has a sweet ending and has given us a very good and memorable show. I really hope Bae Yeong Joon and Park Jin Yeong will consider to make Dream High 2…. so we’ll know what really happened in between 2011 and 2018.

Thanks for following my writing…i’ll see you in the next project ;)

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  1. ending may have to meet and marry or live together sam and hye mi

  2. im really happy dat hei mi ends with sam dong.bt it was little disapointing (all was gud bt abut hei mi nd sam i was hoping more in da end like living together jst in drama secret garden ) end.

  3. there’s a scene when Jin Guk gave Hye Mi the pendant in the beginning of this episode.. in which episode exactly it is? i’m soooo curious..

  4. Eventhough I only finished this drama now, thank you for writing this summary. Looking forward to Dream High 2! <3

  5. i didn’t like the ending..i wanted Hye Mi & Jin Guk to be together…

    • I agree! They look good but hye mi and Jin guk together is better. I hope there will be Dream high 3 and the cast of dream high 1 will be the cast on the dream high 3 (hopefully). I hope Jin Guk and Hye Mi will be together as a couple on dream high 3( if there will be) not Sam dong and hye mi. It’s only my opinion don’t misunderstand it.:)))

  6. WOW!!! nice ending Sam dong is really cute when he changes. I like Hyemi’s character.I hope these actors also be on Dream High 2. Thanks for writing this sweet summery.

  7. It is really much to say, this film was awesome and wonderful.Love is the greatest feeling of all.After watching this film through i really became down and happy at the same time because it really touched me much.I love you all

  8. right I thought it was yoon eun hye at first.. They’re really look alike..



  10. thapelo prisca barayang

    woow i love the show to bits

  11. Even though I watched it just this year I feel sad when hye mi and Jin guk couple didn’t work. It has a nice ending but I can’t watch it when some things popped in my head, like Jin guk and hye mi didn’t become a couple at the ending. Ugh, I feel bad for Jin guk. Again don’t misunderstand it. It’s only my opinion

  12. oh you know…first thanks for your great summery! i just finished this drama right now. but i dont understand something! in the end of this drama this means hye mi and sam dong go together?!( wow i really love the ending with hye me and Sam dong… i really love their couple and also sam dong really really loved her!really! even more than jin guk did!! of course if the ending was without sam dong and hye mi, really were sad!(its just my opinion) hehe but really love the ending and of course in the end Sam dong will be back when he becomes more handsome and cool as hye mi said…:)))oh really they will be together and in love in the end. i really cant blieve.. i though hye mi loved jin guk at first oh my… i really believe sam dong’s real love… sorry for my bad english and also thanks for ur summery :)))

  13. I luv d end bcos Sam dong really deserves Hye mi. Do we remember wen Hye mi wasn’t sure whether she wanted to go to d US or not,jin guk didn’t try to stop her,he jxt told her the choice was hers. On d other hand Sam dong chased her supposed bus(in his usual style) to bring her back. I think d writer was trying to use dis to show us dat jin guk may hv jxt had a crush on Hye mi while Sam dong’s case was true love. Remember,”he knows her more than she knows herself”.

    Also, just my honest opinion™ <3.

  14. Dream high! i love you so much I really like that samdong and hyemi express their feeling for each other it’s just that it would have been sweet if it end with them singing together in 2018.I also love jason-pilsook,their chemistry was great and they are also the cutest couple

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