Why “Fugitive: Plan B” is a Flop?

Firstly, so sorry if thousands of Rain’s fans out there disagree with me, but I think it’s a fact. KBS’s current drama “Fugitive: Plan B” is a flop. Prior its broadcast, the promotion was quite tempting. Having famous casts like Rain, Lee Na Yeong, Daniel Henney, Lee Jeong Jin and Yoon Jin Seo seemed to be very convincing. The multinational settings should make it more interesting. HOWEVER…i’m so upset by the fact that the action comedy drama was as simple as boring.

Why? What’s wrong? Isn’t it supposed to be the most phenomenal drama of the year just like what they’d boasted before the drama was aired? I really have no idea.

I always try to watch this drama properly, but don’t know why always end up falling asleep in the middle of the show. And that makes me to watch the weekend encore to complete the whole story. T_T   The 70 minutes always feels longer than it should be. I found Rain’s exaggerate facial expression was exhausting and unnatural, even though now reaching the mid story line everything’s got more serious as well as his character. With all the futuristic gadget (I did make several times of “wow” moments), cool vehicles, pretty girls decoration, hot bad guy…this drama has all the typical-Hollywood-action-movie standard and that just makes everything more frustrating. I need more of Korean touch!

And the conflict, the curious case of Melchidech…ahh, it seems to be very complicated and full of mystery, but actually as simple as anyone could guess. The catch me if you can activity is just as tiring as Daniel Henney’s mumbling English! But I found Lee Jeong Jin’s character as a clumsy policeman as quite entertaining, even though I feel that doesn’t fit him very well. :)

Anyone please help me find any interesting points to keep me watching this drama? :-?

I just got some stills from the 1st episode and became ignorant for the rest of the drama. Too bad I watched the kissing scene between Daniel Henney and Lee Na Yeong on the TV. I could’ve made the stills if I had watched it alot earlier :D

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  1. Let me say that I love most if not all of the cast memebers.. even Henney. But the Drama was just plain bad. End of story. At first I thought it was similar to Lupin the Third.. then I thought.. Oh!! Its supposed to be a comedy?! If you have to ask yourself such questions then that means that the director, actors, whomever did not deliver the intended purpose of the story. Bi and the detective that chased him continued to defy the laws of gravity. smt I wanted to like this but it just had too many faults about it. The story was lost amongst the numerous back and forward multicultural and languages used. It became somewhat of a hodge podge. Very disappointing! :(

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