Thank God “Three Brothers” has ended, so what’s next?

Yeah, I kind of against the odds by disliking the KBS weekend drama “Three Brothers”. While it had a high ranking in the home country viewers, i don’t know I just found it boring and just dislike it more when it felt like ages to reach the end. So when I found out that it had finally reached the ending, all i did was sighing in relieve…

And just like i had predicted, the drama finalized with a happy ending for the whole family…

The new KBS weekend drama started airing last June 19th. Just like its predecessors, “All About Marriage” is a kind of “family” drama. What I mean by family drama is the story is around conflicts within a large family members or they’re connected in some kind of ways. It is a story about, of course, marriage life reflected in 4 couples that reveals the meaning of love, marriage, family, divorce and all that kind of things. I’m not sure it’s “my kind” of drama, but i’ll make it a try.

the four main couples:

(left) Lee Jong Hyuk-Kim Ji Young; (right) Oh Yoon Ah-Han Sang Jin

(left) Ryu Tae Jun-Lee Tae Im; (right) Lee Da In-Sung Hyuk

and just like in any other drama, there’re always parents…so here’s the old couple:

Ko Doo Shim-Baek Il Sup

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  1. love ryu tae joon forever.kiss Tae Joon

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