Won Bin (원빈)


For me, he is the sexiest man alive and absolutely many girls agree with me…(Okay Rizz?!) –Rizz: body, yes, face still Jang Dong Gun, hehe His popularity never declined, although he’s not too often appear on television. His last performance was as long ago as 2002 in the drama “Friends”, but loyal viewers and fans never really lost him. He had starred numbers of movies and always presented impressive performances. In “Mother” (2009) he successfully acted as a retarded person.
Apart from acting, he is also involved in social activities, one of them is as a UNICEF’s ambassador. There’s not much I can say about it, because I’m absolutely fascinated by him…His latest movie is “A Man From Nowhere” and I will definitely watch him in this action movie (and drooling) :D

Name: 원빈 / Won Bin
Real name: 김도진 / Kim Do Jin
Profession: Actor and model
Birthdate: 1977-Nov-10
Birthplace: Jeong-seon, Kangwon-do, South Korea
Height: 178cm
Weight: 62kg
Star sign: Scorpio
Blood type: O
Family: One older brother and three older sisters
Talent agency: Eden 9

TV Shows
Friends (MBC, 2002)
Autumn Tale (KBS2, 2000)
Tough Guy’s Love (KBS2, 2000)
A Light at the Small Station (KBS, 2000)
Ad Maniac (KBS2, 1999)
Ready, Go (MBC, 1997)
Our Story (1997)
Propose (KBS1, 1997)

The Man From Nowhere (2010)
Mother (2009)
My Brother (2004)
Taegugki (2004)
Guns & Talks (2001)

2004 Golden Filming Awards: Best Newcomer for “Taegukgi”
2004 Chinsa Film Art Festival: Best Newcomer for “Taegukgi”
2002 Bvlgari Brilliant Dreams Awards (Japan)
2000 Baek-Sang Awards: Best Newcomer Award (TV Drama) for Tough Guy’s Love and Autumn Tale
2000 KBS Acting Awards: Best Male Actor
1999 KBS Acting Awards: Best Newcomer award

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  1. gw suka bgt dr dulu am wonbin terutama d film friends n drama serial endless love ;)

  2. Wah, ternyata selain bagus acting-nya, bagus juga kelakuannya..
    More about Won Bin please…. :-o :-o

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