Won Bin: Ajeossi, What Happened With Your Hair???

maybe only Won Bin, the actor who necessary gives big effort to maintain the popularity. He never appears on small screen for decade, and for big screen even his movies always makes big hit. He’s always humble, quiet, and rarely be seen. He doesn’t like to be under the spotlight. But thank god you can still adore his appearance through his tons of CFs.

And recently he came to the LG signature event that held on November 16th at LG shop on Gangnam. Frankly, for the first time i saw these photos, i was jaw dropping (in negative meaning), yeah i know his face as handsome as always, he even gave his best smile that evening, but his hair..oh God..it was really terrible. Sorry to be rude but Won Bin looks ridiculous with that asymmetric haircut. Ajeossi, you are not G-dragon, please stop experimenting with your hair! i mean it!!!


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