Won Bin, Weird Hairstyle and Charity on L’officiel Hommes

On February 23rd, Won Bin was on Fiji. He took a photoshoot for fashion male magazine L’officiel Hommes that will be published in France. Won Bin is the first Korean celebrity to be the cover of  L’officiel Hommes magazine France.

He was on Mana island, this island is so beautiful, and set as one of the protected areas in the world by UNESCO. In English Mana means “magic” and of course for this pictorial Won Bin showed his magic…and since he is the UNICEF’s goodwill ambassador, the whole profit of this photo is going to UNICEF. As we know, that he has a commitment on charities and helping less-fortunate people…He’s not only good looking but also a really goodhearted man.

On the interview, Won Bin talked about his favorite actress. He adores Natalie Portman due to her role in “Black Swan”. He thinks that Natalie is a really great actress and he hopes one day he can meet that hot mama in person.

Actually I’m distracted by the clown-fish nest, the anemone, on Won Bin’s head. But over all, on this tropical-mysterious place, even with perm and heavy-wavy hair, he still looked so hot and manly, and please look at the abs on photo below, that’s what I meant the magic! (mind me for being so cheeesy)

These photos will be published on L’officiel Hommes in France for  April issue, but starting on March 20 you can order the magazine online on official website.

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  1. please could you translate all of the interview of won bin in homme
    if you know korean that is

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