Won Bin’s New Partner for Basic House

Too bad for Moon Geun Yeong’s fans because Moon Geun Yeong must end her contract with “Basic House” this year. Maybe she’s just too busy this year for finishing her study. And it means there is a new partner for Won Bin. They chose the new rising actress: Kang So Ra (The Woman of Our Home, Dream High 2, Sunny, We Got Married – Lee Teuk’s wife).

I don’t want to compare these two actresses. I used to seeing Won Bin alongside Moon Geun Yeong for Basic House’s collection, but I think Kang So Ra absolutely wasn’t bad choice.

The photoshoot was held for this new couple for Basic House’s new casual collection. As always Won Bin looked professional to be paired with a new pretty younger partner. And these two are the stills from their photoshoot.

[info and images source]

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