Won Bin’s More Photo from K2

K2 absolutely never regret their decision for replacing Hyun Bin with Won Bin to become K2’s ambassador.

The adventure has begin for Won Bin. This is one of the results from his photo shoot for that outdoor brand. This time for autumn/winter collection. Won Bin’s charm so perfect for those products. Since he plays on “The Man from Nowhere” (아저씨) he looks more manly, wild, sophisticated, tough, and cool…in short he looks more sexy.. :mrgreen:

The task hasn’t ended for Won Bin, on mid-August he will fly to New Zealand to filming K2 TV CF “Discovery Diary Season 2”.

Seeing my ajeossi appeared on ads is so pleasure for me, but it would be more pleasure if i can watch his acting on small screen again, i’m longing for you ajeossi, please come back soon on drama! X|

[by Blossom]

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