Yoo Seung Ho, Officially Becomes Our New Hottest Guy

After being our recent topic of discussion, finally Rizz and I decided to put Yoo Seung Ho on our hot guy list. This is because of his character on his current drama “I Miss You”, he plays as Harry, a cold and stiff guy with trouble past, he keeps the pain in his heart. The character makes him the new national buzz now, everyday i see articles surface talking everything about him. In this drama he’s only the second guy, but i think his charm beats off Park Yoo Chun’s (oops..so sorry for Yoochun’s fans).

He is known as the little So Ji Sub, and looking at photos above, i’m more convinced, his gaze and smile resembles  So Ji Sub indeed, but come on… he’s no longer a little boy.,he’s already grown up. So let’s release his image from So Ji Sub’s shadow. Yoo Seung Hoo is a-free-from-anyone-shadow mature guy who looks so hot lately… right??

After becoming a witty God on “Arang and Magistrate”, he’s transformed dramatically into the sorrowful Harry on this melodrama. His acting is brilliant, he’s only 19 years old but amazingly we can barely see the gap between him and Yoon Eun Hye, Yoo Seung Ho looks so mature here, and of course it’s also thanks to Yoon Eun Hye’s great acting.

For me, “I Miss You” is absolutely not my drama since the story is too gloomy and heavy for my seven years old brain, but seriously even sometimes  i don’t understand with the story i don’t mind to see this drama just to stare at Yoo Seung Ho’s flawless face. Recently he addressed as the CG guy by Korean public, because he looks so pretty and flawless on screen without any effect or photoshop.

Actually Harry is the loveable guy but the tragic past made him become a cold person, but thankfully there’s Joy (Yoon Eun Hye) beside him. I love how Harry treats Joy so sweet, and Yoo Seung Ho managed to show that feeling even sometimes only through his gaze.

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  1. kyaaa~~~~~

  2. kristine gale rulloda

    ur cute guy yoo seung ho

  3. dahryljane jang

    true.. damn he’s so hot.. he’s incomparable..

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