“Secret Garden” Stable Rating

After episode 12 was aired on Dec.19th, “Secret Garden” rating was 24,7% (AGB Nielsen). Although it’s higher than the previous episode, which was only 23.7%, this wasn’t the highest during the broadcast. I think the rating can be much more than that after half way (12 episode from 20 episode), but so far the rating has been quite stable.
A very sweet scene didn’t help this drama to raise the rating significantly. Joo Won who was entangled with Ra Im, unable to let go of her. When Ra Im was asleep, Joo Won was faithfully waiting for her. He looked at his “Little Mermaid” sweetly and tenderly. He watched her as if he was afraid Ra Im was going to disappear like the sea foam.
And the most I love was when they looked at each other, Joo Won didn’t take off his eyes even though Ra Im was awake…Ooohh…they are so sweet :)

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