Secret Garden Episode 9 Summary

I didn’t expect that the wacky-lunatic-soul-excahnged would be so short. It means the soul exchanged was only the dirty way for Ms.Writer to create situation to Joo Won and Ra Im for knowing each other? :? dunno… Frankly, I’m pretty disappointed with this episode because when they return to normal condition, their relationship also returned to zero level, and runs very slow as if the soul exchanged was just nothing but a mere incident.

Their souls really back to their real bodies. Joo Won greeted Ra Im “Long time no see”, he apparently missed to look Ra Im in her-body-self. Ra Im was in a hurry to go home and leave Joo Won at the police station. Before leaving,  Ra Im said they were back to normal because God wants to punished Joo Won. Ra Im said “I’m never going let you out, learn your lesson ” she only repeated Joo Won’s words: “Reflect deeply on what you have done”.

Joo Won was forced to waited behind the bar, because lawyer Park was yet to come. His cellmate was a drunker who fell asleep. After he noticed, the drunker was wearing the exact same tracksuit as his: the damn-sparkling-blue-tracksuit! He was curious to see the label to ensure the stuff was real or fake.  The drunker didn’t answer when Joo Won asked where he bought it. He just turned his back, and made Joo Won was even more surprised because in the back of suit was written: “Hyun Bin at the entrance”(입구 에서 현빈). And the drunker was muttering, “Welcome to the Secret night club…”, That meant the drunker’s name was Hyun Bin, and he worked as an usher at a nightclub named “Secret”, and the worst thing was that Hyun Bin wore the cheap-fake-copies-sparkling-tracksuit. Joo Won was shocked. People made copies of his favorite tracksuit?? :lol:

Ra Im was back to her home. She was very glad to see Ah Yeong, but then she bewildered. Her cheesy room became fancy, and thanks to Joo Won from then on she had chandeliers in her room.

Ah Yeong  complained to Ra Im because for a couple of days her attitude was very strange. Ah Yeong said that Ra Im forbade her taking off the clothes in front of her, putting down or hanging underwear in any place (even Ah Yeong hadd to blow dry her underwear every night), and Ra Im even didn’t want to rub her back anymore. Hohoho .. sorry for Ah Yeong :)

Director Park gave a report to Joo Won’s grandfather that Joo Won was at the police station that time because he had punched a customer. Grandpa was angry to hear that, but his wife, who was also Director Park’s sister, defended Joo Won. She supported  Joo Won’s action of giving “lessons” for that maniac customer. Actually, Madam Park  was not as evil as Joo Won’s mother had always thought. She tried to muffled her ambitious “I’ll-even-lick-your- boots” brother, Director Park. Grandpa finally understood and that made Director Park failed to threw a mud at Joo Won, thanks to his noona.

After being released, Joo Won went straight to Ra Im’s house.  Joo Won asked Ra Im why she left him at the police station. Ra Im apologized for her behavior. She said she just wanted to get away from Joo Won because she thought if they’re close, their souls could be exchanged again. Joo Won asked, “Is that means we wont meet again?” Ra Im said that it would be better if they never met again.

She apologized for putting Joo Won in trouble (go to jail), but she didn’t regret having punched the maniac customer. She said she would pay for her mistake and immediately return the fancy stuffs that Joo Won bought for her home. Joo Won started to argue, but Ra Im was unwilling to debate him.  Joo Won then said, “I didn’t come here for arguing.” Joo Won grabbed Ra Im’s body and hugged her. That’s, everybody, his main reason.

Since they were in Jeju Island, he had wanted to hug her so much. He was sure that Ra Im was his “little mermaid”. Oooh, it’s so sweet to see them hugged like that. Even though Ra Im didn’t hold Joo Won back, she didn’t mind being hugged by Joo Won. She looked defenselessly.

Joo Won asked Ra Im to come to his office the next morning to pay for her mistake. And that meant Joo Won still wanted to meet Ra Im.

Oska was still facing the leaked song issue. He’s worry that he’d be damned by the public as a plagiarizing singer. Tae Sun gave him an advice to search for the songwriter and then make a deal with him/her before plagiarizing issue spreaded. But it seemed that Oska was too reluctant to do that because of his ego as a “Hallyu star”.

Joo Won had a trouble getting into his house because Ra Im had already reset the passcode. When he was about to call Ra Im, he just realized that they hadn’t exchanged their cell phone. He still had Ra Im’s cell phone. He was looking for his name on the list, but what he found was not Kim Joo Won but Kim Ddol Chu [means Kim moron] :lol:

Ra Im turned off the phone when Joo Won ask about the new passcode. Then stupidly Joo Won tried a combination numbers which taken froom Ra Im’s (body) size : 32-27-32. It’s obviously failed. Ra Im was not that crazy.

Ra Im finally gave him a hint. She sent him a text saying that the new pass code was on the “stars”. Joo Won remembered Oska because Ra Im thought Oska as a star. Then he tried a combination numbers of 76-08-18. It was Oska’s DOB, and it worked! Joo Won desperately cursed Ra Im :lol:

When he take off  his shoes he just realized he still wore the Oska-printed-socks. He abruptly grabbed it off.  Overwhelming things didn’t stop there. He looked up to the 2nd floor when he was just inside his house and found a line of boxers which were hand-washed by Ra Im and were hung there.. :lol:

Ra Im was so happy to be back to her bed again. She asked Ah Yeong if she had done something weird or disgraceful act to Ah Yeong for the past couple of days. It was a surprise to see Ah Yeong was angry. She said Ra Im had made her life miserable. She kicked her out of then bed and made her sleep on the floor. The Miserable Ah Yeong… :rolleyes:

When Ra Im set an alarm on Joo Won’s cellphone, Ra Im was curious about the contents. She checked on the pictures folder and found only three pictures there. She was surprised to find the three pictures were all her …hohoho…

Joo Won came to Oska’s  house to say that the soft and kind Kim Joo Won was no longer exist. The past two days the man wasn’t him. The real Kim Joo Won had then been back! Oska responded casually thinking that Joo Won was drunk.

Oska got a text from Ra Im. He wondered how could Ra Im knew his phone number. Ra Im asked about Oska’s problem and gave him some wise words. Oska replied that message, then cell phone in Joo Won’s pocket was beeping. Joo Won read the text and  it was a reply message from Oska. :rolleyes:

Actually I’m confused on this scene: Ra Im knew Oska’s phone number from Joo Won’s phone. And I think Ra Im sent the text to Oska via another phone (not from Joo Won’s nor from hers, because her cell phone was still with Joo Won). Oska then directly replied that message, but strangely…it was sent to Ra Im’s phone which was still in Joo Won’s hand? Could anyone help me to understand this scene?  :rolleyes:

Joo Won then asked Oska about the “Oska-printed-shock”. He asked why Oska let his face put on someone else’s feet who might be smelly?  :lol: Nice question! Oska asked if Ra Im also wore that kind of socks. Joo Won said it was impossible for Ra Im to do that, and then Oska was nobody that Ra Im would take a long time to recalled.

Joo Won said, “If you ask her about celebrities whom she likes, you’re at the level where she will think for about three seconds and then respond…like ‘(1…2…3…)Oska?’” :lol:

Oska asked why Joo Won was no longer wearing his sparkling tracksuit. I thought after the “Hyun Bin at the Entrance” incident, Joo Won would never again wear that damn-sparkling-blue-tracksuit. Joo Won said he would change into the brand that didn’t exist in Korean market. Smugly he said, “But anyway, whatever I wear, it’s going to be sold at Dong Dae Mun.” Hooo, he thinks he’s a trendsetter :p

Oska thought his cousin had gone mad. He told Joo Won to immediately see Ji Hyun. But I think the arrival of a crazy cousin when you’re stress was quite an entertaining for you.

Everything was back as before in the LOEL. There is no longer the friendly and polite Mr.CEO. Joo Won was surprised to see the project file which Ra Im had signed. He got angry at secretary Kim for letting it happened, let the “heart” sign in there. Secretary Kim thought at the time President really wanted to change the signature to be the pretty one. But so far Joo Won could still minimize any harmful effects of the “lovely” signature.

Oska finally met Yoon Seul at her office. Instead of looking angry, Oska  looked more disappointed. He asked if it was true that Yoon Seul was  the one who leaked the song. He accused her with the IP Address evidence. Yoon Seul defended herself. For Oska, Yoon Seul was a traitor who had left him for another man, and would marry his cousin only for making him upset. Oska refused to see her ever again, and then left.

Apparently the person behind Oska’s song issue was Seul Yoon’s employee. She accidentally uploaded Oska’s files to the internet, but she didn’t want to confess her mistakes.

Ra Im was back to the Action School. She was very happy to meet her friends. They were puzzled to see Ra Im already back to “normal”. Even one of them thought Ra Im suffered a bipolar disorder.

Jong Soo confused to find Ra Im with a friendly greeting as if nothing had happened after she (Joo Won actually) said “Do not ever confess to me till I die“. Ra Im said she’s not going to act weird again.

Ra Im asked Jong Soo to help her to read the “Dark Blood” script. It was a bit hard for Ra Im to read an English written script. Jong Soo was more confused because at that time Ra Im could read the script without any difficulty. Ra Im just said at that time she was out of her mind.

From her spy, Joo Won’s mommy knew that Ra Im already spent the money that she gave just in one day. So apparently when Joo Won received the money from his mommy he instantly spent it. He bought luxury goods for Ra Im’s house. The Mommy was aware that Ra Im might not be an ordinary woman. She sent her spies to investigate her background.

Ra Im was training so hard because she was eager for “Dark Blood” audition. Again, her friend was confused because Ra Im (Joo Won in Ra Im’s body) said before that only an idiot  would want this job. They teased Ra Im  that she got dumped by Joo Won and had no more financial supports so Ra Im  was eager to work on action school and became an idiot again. :lol:

Hee Won, Joo Won’s sister, came into action school to look for Ra Im. She met Jong Soo. When she asked about Ra Im, suddenly came a fly-sword aim at her. In good reflect, Jong Soo pushed down Hee Won’s head until she fell and was spared from thee dangerous sword. Instead of being grateful, Hee Won was angry at Jong Soo because she thought it wasn’t suppose to happen that way (pushing her head to fall). She said Jong Soo should have pulled her body and hugged her instead. Yup, i’m agree with you, Hee Won! ;)

Ra Im and others approached Jong Soo and Hee Won. Ra Im recognized her, and Hee Won knew Ra Im as the woman who was introduced by Oska. She wanted to talk to Ra Im and invited Ra Im out. Before leaving, she paused awhile and asked Jong Soo, “Are you married?” Hohoho…

Ms. Writer seemed to want it to be a nice condition for everyone. She might want to give a chance to Jong Soo to be happy after Kim Ra Im “rejected” him.

Finally, Ra Im and Hee Won talking in the café. At beginning, Hee Won just asked about Jong Soo: his blood type, date of birth, his job, etc. Hee Won then continued to her main reason visiting Ra Im. She wanted to know what kind of relationship happen among Ra Im with Joo Won and Oska. Ra Im confirmed that she didn’t have any romance or whatsoever with any them. The confirmation wasn’t enough for Hee Won. She then brought up the issue of the money Ra Im received money from her mother. Ra Im, who had no idea about the money at all, was surprised to hear that.

Hee Won said that Ra Im took the money and spent it all in one day. Ra Im was already aware that it was Joo Won’s work. Ra Im asked Hee Won how much money she received.

Hee Won said, “Did you not verify how much you received and just spent it all in one day? eonni, you are so cool!”

She continued saying that the reason why she’s talking to her was to remind Ra Im to be careful because her mother had started investigating her background.

Incidentally, Joo Won made call. He was angry because Ra Im was late coming to his office,  to exchange their phones. Ra Im barked back at him, “I will come soon!”

At the office, Ra Im  straight forwardly got down to the money issue. Joo Won admitted what he had done, and Ra Im kicked his feet to express her anger.  By receiving the money, Joo Won had made lost her pride.

Joo Won defended. He did that for Ra Im, for his mother to feel lose from her. According to Joo Won, if at that time the real Ra Im had been the person who met his mother, he’s sure that Ra Im would’ve only said something pitiful like “I’m sorry” and left.

Joo Won then said the result would just be the same whether or not Ra Im accepted the money: they would be seeing each other no matter what. Ra Im asked why they still had to see each other. Joo Won simply said, “Because I just said so.”

However, Ra Im said she’s not seeing him anymore. She asked Joo Won to returned the money to his mother, and to convey a forgiveness to his mother. Ra Im soon took her cell phone and threw Joo Won’s phone onto the couch. Ra Im also asked him to tell to his mother that there was nothing between them, so the mommy no need to worry about that. But Joo Won insisted, “There something going on between us.”

Ra Im realized about Joo Won’s intention, which was to make her be his “Little Mermaid.” So she said, “I have no right for that because the little mermaid and I are different. The little mermaid loved that man.” Ouch. So it was a confirmation that Ra Im totally didn’t love him.

I thought it’s the time where Joo Won was bleeding to death. Those sharp words from Ra Im was wielding right on his heart. T_T

Ra Im left. Joo Won catched her up to the elevator, but Joo Won didn’t dare to enter the elevator. Joo Won asked Ra Im out, but she refused and closed the elevator. Joo Won tried to chase her down with stairs, but Ra Im was already gone.

Ra Im started to pack the fancy stuffs whe she just realized that all Oska’s pictures in her house had been vandalized by by Joo-Won. :mrgreen:

Sitting upsetly on his chair, Joo Won saw the E Chun house map made by Ra Im. In that drawing he could see his houses and Oska’s house. On the Oska’s, Ra Im gave sweet signs, but on Joo Won’s she drew a skull sign. Joo Won was getting more annoyed and  just tore it up.

Oska plagiarism issue began to spread to public. Within the heavy pressure Oska still had to hold a show. Oska knew Ra Im was coming to his show, but they didn’t get to meet. Finally Oska called Ra Im for a personal fan meeting. As a fan, Ra Im was a good spirit for Oska. She said such rumors wont affect the fans. Oska soon felt comfortable with Ra Im.

Oska drove her home. Ra Im was offensive about Yoon Seul by saying that she’s crying when Oska left her at the highway. She wondered why a nice person like Oska could be such heartless making a woman cry. Oska hoped Ra Im could understand his action on Yoon Seul. Oska just said he was 35 years old  but still acted like a child. Ra Im said Oska was not adult being childish, but a child who always acted like an adult. That made Oska liked her more. He said “Ra Im is really much cooler than what I had thought.”

Ra Im fluttered to heard that, but suddenly came the sound of an interruption: “What a nice view!” And that was Joo Won who spoke on the corner, wearing another lousy tracksuit. This time he wore purple color…ough please God! X|

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