“Secret Garden” Episode 2 Gets a Rival

Before I start the writing, firstly I want to say, I feel familiar with this poster, reminds me of “You Are Beautiful” poster. The difference is Hyun Bin took a black umbrella to fly. :lol:

On the second day, “Secret Garden” rating was decreased. This drama only managed to achieve as high rating as 14.8%. The result was quite disappointing for them.

But I thought it was too early to say Hyun Bin-Ha Ji Won failed, because the another show that aired at the same time was baseball game Korea vs. Taiwan on the Asian Games arena so I think that’s just fair if the rating went down.
Next week, when “Secret Garden” has no rivals anymore, I’m sure this drama will be successfully gaining more audiences.

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3 Responses to “Secret Garden” Episode 2 Gets a Rival

  1. They so cute couple

  2. I realy like the secret garden & specialy ths to hyun bin for his beautiful play

  3. i love u,hyun bin,scret garden

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