2Days1Night Current Members,Will They Stay for Season 2?

As we all know, our most favorite Korean TV show, 2Days 1Night is gonna end the season next February. Although I never stop watching the show, i’ve been very sad since Kang Ho Dong’s issue. And the next sad thing was the announcement that the show is going to a season finale soon and then Na PD is leaving and Seung Gi probably won’t come back for the next season :(

2Days 1Night has been with us for around 5 years. So many things happen on the way, changing members and all of the issues related to them. They’ve been promoting Korean tourist destinations in interesting ways. They show us the way how to enjoy all of the beauties of Korean land and sea.

I really hope all the 5 current members will be back for the next season. Each of them has their own characteristic that we’ll miss. Even the clumsy Kim Jong Min and the cool ajeossi Uhm Tae Woong. There’re rumors regarding new members for the next season, but I don’t know I can really let go of Seung Gi or not if he really won’t be with the gang anymore. Above all, I really hope they will show a memorable season finale on the end of February.

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