Joo Won, Sung Shi Kyung, and Kim Seung Woo, Are Joining 2Days1Night?

2Days 1Night will likely to have new members, we all have heard that. After the “lost” of Kang Ho Dong, the program kind of lost the figure of Big Brother. Uhm Tae Woong as the eldest member couldn’t really play that role because of his calm and awkward character. Lee Seu Geun should’ve been the biggest supporter in this issue, but he’s been the second big brother that still needs direction from the eldest.

Rumor has it that Kim Seung Woo will probably fill the gap. Well, he does have the qualification, but his image has been attached to another KBS’ variety show, “Win Win”. I don’t know if he will be able to keep both shows if he really joins 2D1N. However, it’s gonna be fun if we have him on the show. He has a warm character. Charismatic, but can be comical sometimes. He’s just the cute ajeossi. And I think he must have a fit body, too. So it’ll be great if the show has him joining the members.

Another man rumored to be joining the show is Sung Shi Kyung. We know that he showed a great characteristic when he was involved in the last year’s viewers’ special. But I don’t think the show has any necessity in adding another middle-brother, out of the context of making the team’s numbers even, to make them 8. And just like Kim Seung Woo, Sung Shi Kyung has been very very popular, especially among women, even without him joining this show.

2D1N is maybe the most popular variety show in Korea that it makes everyone who joins the show as the main member will be a lot more popular than he was before. And many celebrities wish to be on the team too, I guess. So the idea of taking Sung Shi Kyung as the new member will give a vice versa effect, in my opinion. If Sung Shi Kyung could show his very interesting character, this show can be very huge.

And the last rumored young man is Joo Won. Oh I’m more than happy with the rumor. I’m still nervous about the final decision whether Seung Gi will stay or not, and still hope he won’t go. But hearing that Joo Won will likely to join the show is a very good news. He has a cheerful character and he’s not THAT popular yet (in comparison with Seung Gi)…so this show will be very good for him. But if Seung Gi stays and Joo Won joins the team, girls are gonna be very distracted. I’m gonna be very distracted. Haha. And Seung Gi may have to share the spot light.

As a loyal fan, I sincerely hope for the best for this great show. If these three men is really joining the members, that’ll be awesome! I can’t wait for the good news ;)

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