Tears on 2Days1Night Season 1: Goodbye Seung Gi and Ji Won

Korean most favorite TV show on Sunday, KBS’ 2 Days 1 Night, finally came to an end this evening’s broadcast. They’re saying goodbye to Seung Gi, the maknae, and Ji Won. It’s also going to be the last 2 Days 1 Night episode for the legendary Na PD after 5 years running the show successfully. After the night game, Na PD gave each of the member a present. They all got the brotherhood gold rings. Real gold.

As the show has been very close to the heart of viewers and never failed to entertain us with laughter, education, and inspiration, this episode was also a sad goodbye to the famous brotherhood: (last formation) Uhm Tae Woong, Lee Su Geun, Kim Jong Min, Eun Ji Won, and Lee Seung Gi. Fans of the show was like growing up together with the show, just like Seung Gi has spent half of his 20s here. He started the show when he was 21 and last January 13 he turned 26 (in Korean age). He and Eun Ji Won were original members who have joined the show for 5 years, so it was no wonder that both of them couldn’t help crying and crying when the closing time had come. It’s so touching to see how Tae Woong kept trying to sooth Ji Won when he reluctant to wake up and looked very very sad. Seung Gi who tried his best to keep smiling and cheerful couldn’t help the tears from running through his cheeks. And he actually kept crying when he was alone in the bathroom earlier that morning.

Both Seung Gi and Ji Won had gained so much love and popularity through this show. And they’re great entertainers. So it’s a great loss, but just like Su Geun said in the closing: Hope Seung Gi’s drama project would be very very successful and also Ji Won’s career to be very very successful.

And let’s hope the new 2 Days 1 Night would be as successful as the first season with 4 new members. ;)


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