2Days1Night Season 2 Episode 1: Cha Tae Hyeon was the Funniest

2 Days 1 Night Season 2 finally started! They didn’t do the opening in KBS’s headquarter in Yeouido, Seoul. The three old members, Lee Su Geun – Kim Jong Min – Uhm Tae Woong, were doing the pre-opening at a port in Incheon. Meanwhile the four new members were taken to different places, but through the same port though different time and to different boat.

The plan was sending all 4 new members to 4 different nearby islands, Joo Won was the farthest, and then the old members would pick them up one by one. While Joo Won was already off to his appointed island, and the three members were also ready on the boat, Kim Seung Woo, Cha Tae Hyeon and Sung Shi Kyung couldn’t go with each of their boat due to some problem. So the boat taking the old members had to turn back and pick up the three other members. Then they took the journey together to pick up Joo Won before heading to their base camp island.

While others were on their way to pick Joo Won and even played some game to kill time, Joo Won arrived at the island and found no other members. He took lunch with local people while waiting for his brothers.

So far, in my opinion, Cha Tae Hyeon was the funniest of all.  From the beginning, while he was still on the way to the port, he said he actually no idea why they took him as one of the new members of the show. He knows himself too well that he’s lousy, not good in any game, and he had so many lacks. But probably he didn’t realize that he himself was funny enough. In a glance his character was pretty much like Eun Ji Won. But Ji Won was still cool and often genius and childish. Cha Tae Hyeon was not cool at all and never tried to be. He speaks out what’s in his mind.

Funny thing happened when he was texting with Lee Su Geun. Cha Tae Hyeon said if it’s only new members who were only picked up. Lee Su Geun answered it in a casual Korean, called banmal, (“Anil ko ya” –supposed to be at least “anil ko yeyo”) “No it won’t.” And then another text came from Su Geun, “Suddenly acting like a long time no see friend, i’m sorry. ” Continued: “Being called in the morning must have blown my mind ㅜㅜ”

And Cha Tae Hyeon apparently as lousy as he said he was. He lost in many games. So Uhm Tae Woong shouldn’t be so down anymore hehe. In one game after they went down from a little hike, they found a well that had 2D1N flag on it. They did paper-rock-scissor game, the loser got a hair wash with that cold water. First game, Uhm Tae Woong got it. He said it’s not cold, so he challenged for a back wash. And the loser this time were between Cha Tae Hyeon and Sung Shi Kyung. They did the rock-paper-scissor game quite long, they both did very well, until Cha Tae Hyeon made his own mistake. And when Joo Won poured the cold water into his back, Cha Tae Hyeon couldn’t handle the cold that he ran around the field to make the cold away. He was just a hilarious character.

Meanwhile the other three members’ characters are as we could guessed. Kim Seung Woo was really an ajeossi-like character. Nothing much different from what you see in “Win Win” -if you watch the show. He’s not calm, just mature as his age. But he could be comical sometimes. Sung Shi Kyung was a bit cool, though he talked much, too. He’s not the comical type, but he’s not trying to put on an act either. And Joo Won, ooohh he smiles alot! hehe. I love his dimples. And as a maknae -youngest member- he didn’t talk that much yet. Just trying to be a good youngest member who cared for his older brothers. Just like Seung Gi, he’s good at sport, too.

So my impression for this pilot episode of season 2 was very good. 2Days1Night with new PD and new additional members is still entertaining. Picking up those new individuals so far was a good decision. -sorry i didn’t make my own still- :)

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