2PM’s Chansung Positively Joins “Secret Agent War”

Choi Kang Hee is really lucky noona, she has two flower boys for her new rom-com “Secret Agent War” or “The Secret Lovers”. She already got Joo Won as the lover, and it seems not enough for her, because on October 31st, the drama’s reperesentative gave statement that they added Chansung, the member of boy band 2PM, on the cast list.

Chansung will take the role as Hwang Chan Sung, an also rookie agent, but his appearance and act really different with the sloppy and clumsy Gil Ro (Joo Won). And of course he will involve on love triangle with Gil Ro and Seo Won (Choi Kang Hee). Chan Sung is the perfect agent, good on martial art and appears as the neat, stiff and sharp person but actually he keeps the secret wound on his heart.

This is not first acting experience for Changsun, before he already had roles on “High Kick, “Jungle Fish”, and “Phantom Thief Royal”. “Secret Agent War” is rom-com that is inspired by Kang Ji Hwan’s movie “Level 7 Civil Servant”, and the drama is scheduled to begin airing on January at MBC.

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  1. cool..but dnt hv d channel here…:(

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