More of Playful and Bickering Stills from “Level 7 Civil Servant” Revealed

20121214-Level 7 Civil Servant

The professional and experience secret agent pairing with a reckless rookie agent of course will be more of bickering moment. Some stills from MBC up-coming drama “Level 7 Civil Servant” or “My Girlfriend Is An Agent” or previously known “Secret Agent War” or “Secret Lovers” are published.

Most of the stills came from first day of filming, the shot took place on Taebaek Mountain. Those stills show off how playful and arrogant Gil Ro (Joo Won), while Seo Won (Choi Kang Hee) bear his attitude. This couple get into trouble, Gil Ro becomes stubborn when he decided to take a part on the wild race, while Seo Won looks scolding him trying to stop the race.

20121214-Level 7 CIvil Servant_2

Then on other stills, Gil Ro, as the cocky agent, show off his abilities to seduce girls. He looks playful and over confident when he gave the wink. I become more curious about this drama. I think this is first time for Joo Won, acting as the mischievous and infuriating like Gil Ro. And as always, i love Choi Kang Hee’s acting, i hope this time she also can handle this playful guy.

This rom-com is to follow up the gloomy drama “I Miss You”, and start airing on January.

20121214-Level 7 Civil Servant_3

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