“The Secret Lovers” Changes The Title and Begins Production

Finally “The Secret Lovers” (비밀남녀전) or “Secret Agents War” changed the title  becomes “Level 7 Civil Servant” (7급공무원), the same title from the original project, that is also known “My Girlfriend Is An Agent”, the movie played by Kang Ji Hwan and Kim Ha Neul.

On November 20, the official explained that this drama decided to change the title because they think the word “전” (jeon) which means  “officer” on that previous title means ambiguous and may result a confusion, because it gives a sense of historical drama (sageuk). The drama takes setting at the present time, the modern era, moreover the story is totally remake from that movie indeed. And changing the title into the new one give more feelings of the “comedy” more obviously.

After the drama had the permanent and more comical title, the production started. Recently, the script reading session has already been held. Choi Kang Hee, Joo Won, Kim Min Seo, Changsun, and more gathered together. On the stills that unveiled they all looked serious reading their line.

“Level 7 Civil Servant” will follow up “I Miss You” on MBC, and plans to start airing on January 2013.

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