A Sweet-Tragic-Couple from “49 Days”

I think it’s not a spoiler (this is scene from episode 12) , Song Yi Soo and Song Yi Kyung looks so sweet together. They’re loving each other since they were so young, they grew up together. But unfortunately their love had a tragic ending, at least temporally, since “49 Days” is still running on SBS. I hope there will be nice solution for them at the ending. I want this couple to find their happiness.

But Jung Il Woo looked a little bit awkward when he kissed Lee Yo Won’s forehead. He made NG until 10 times before he managed to create those sweet scenes. Under cherry blossom trees they sat together on the bench, Yi Kyung was leaning her head on Song Yi Soo’s shoulder..ouch..ouch…I envy this couple.  X|

Regardless their roles in this drama, frankly the mommy with one baby, Lee Yo Won, still suitable to be paired with Jung Il Woo, under their great-gap of age. Even a 32 years old-Lee Yo Won still looked fine wearing high school uniform and be kissed by a 23 years old-Jung Il Woo.

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