Bad Guy

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I think many women will shiver looking at Kim Nam Gil‘s stares.
Well, he stares a lot in his recent drama, 나쁜남자 (Bad Guy).
He played as Shim Gun Wook, an ambitious man who attempts to avenge  againts a big corporation, Haeshin Group, where Hong Tae Sung as the heir.

Hong Tae Sung is played by Kim Jae Wook, whose appearance in this drama is in a different atmosphere than in his previous works. He did well as a gay in movie ‘Antique Bakery‘ and acted as indifferent character in drama “Coffee Prince”.

This drama is currently airing on SBS Korean channel, every Wednesday and Thursday, 9.55 pm. Starting 1st episode on May 26th 2010, it will have 20 episodes. With thriller and melodrama as the genre, i think this drama will be very interesting to watch.

Another casts: Han Ga In as Moon Jae In, Oh Yeonn Soo as Hong Tae Ra, and Jung Seo Min as Hong Mo Ne.

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