Kim Nam Gil submit to Military Service

After his extension denied, Kim Nam Gil finally decided to submit to nation calls, on July 15 to start his compulsory military service. (See the previous article about it)
So what happened with “Bad Guy“? as the lead character of course the Kim Nam Gil’s departure to military service brought a huge impact to the  drama.

The drama was supposed to go for 20 episodes, but due to this matter it was cut into 17 episodes and had wrapped up the shooting yesterday. Before going for military service, Kim Nam Gil needed to hurry taking a few more scenes that he hadn’t completed for the “Bad Guy”.
Kim Nam Gil will be “disappeared” from the Korean entertainment  for maybe more than two years. we’ll all miss you for sure :(
And for the “Bad Guy”, I hope cutting the number of episodes won’t reduce the quality of the story, I trust the script writer and director are smart enough to repackaging this drama.

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3 Responses to Kim Nam Gil submit to Military Service

  1. T_T T_T Missing you already!!!

  2. T_T T_T Missing you already!!!

  3. Love the story of Bad Man/Guy.. but I hate the ending.. so tragic, *he’ always dead!* Can’t he be just alive ’til the end?? **

    anyway, hope to see you *again*.. we’ll be waiting..

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