Draft Notice To Kim Nam Gil

The airing of drama “Bad Guy” threatened stopped, not because the drama was less successful precisely because the lead actor, Kim Nam Gil, received a draft notice from the ARMY to immediately join with military service in mid-July.
This draft notice is not the first for Kim Nam Gil. When the production of “Bad Guy” starting, he actually had received the notice, but by then he submitted a permission to postpone it. For this time, what’s Kim Nam Gil suppose to do? Possibility he would ask for a permission to postpone again, considering the production of Bad Guy that has not been completed. The “Bad Guy” airing was even temporarily suspended due to 2010 FIFA World Cup … So, Let us hope that his permission to delay the draft is going to be accepted. Frankly, thinking about unable to see Kim Nam Gil during the next two years…oooooohhhh no :(

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