Baker King, Kim Tak Gu Episode 29 Summary

Wow, I can’t believe we’re reaching one episode before the final. Let’s just get to the point.

The final battle started: the king versus the evil bishop.

Gu Il Jung surprisingly confronted his two big traitors: his wife and Mr. Han. It took 14 years for him to stay quite and cold and let everything just happened right in front of him. Only until he found out about his mother’s death scheme, he started to bark back. Well, better late then never, right?

He said that all these times he knew that the two had something fishy behind his back. He also knew that Han Seung Jae loved his wife. But he never knew that they both were involved in his mother’s death. And just like any other criminals, they both denied it.

Mr. Han left after pushing Dir. Gu down. Ma jun gave him a hand and brought his father back to his room. Madame Seo was unforgiven and left alone. And look who’s smiling in front of her? It’s her own daughter-in-law…Yu Gyeong seemed to enjoy the scene.

Ma jun confessed to his father that he saw the scene, but too afraid to tell him everything. All he was able to do was just knocking on his father’s study room and then fled, and he just bore the traumatic load and wounds all alone this whole time. He asked for forgiveness…

Putting myself in Ma jun’s position, I think I understand his pain. A child could never choose between his father or his mother. So he must have thought that it’d probably better to bear everything himself than seeing his parents fell apart. And the result for such a traumatic episode in a child’s life is a troubled personality. So it’s no wonder if he became a jerk, a vicious person with so much anger and jealousy. And I guess Gu Il Jung understood the matter pretty well. He’s a wise father beneath his cold masquerade.

Tak Gu almost ran out of time for the Cheongsan factory challenge. He asked the Palbong bakery team to help him out in experimenting a new kind of bread. They had been working on it, but there’s still something wrong. Tak Gu was pretty occupied with this matter and the eldest sister noticed that. I guess somehow she’s touched. And yes she was. She reported to her father about the situation at work and about how much Tak Gu represented him as a baker. She then understood why her father trusted him out of his other children.

I like this progress for Ja Gyeong. She gradually showed herself as the noonim, the big sister, of Gu family and GeoSeong Food. She also took side and finally had a courage to speak out about what’s wrong or right of something. She had stopped being indifferent. She’s grown up.

Seeing Madame Seo was rocking and about falling apart, Yu Gyeong didn’t hesitate to take over. She openly said that her mother in-law should give up her title as The Madame of Gu Family and GeoSeong Food. She said then it’s time for her to take over everything, from domestic matter to GeoSeong social life.

Ma jun was not only making a mess with his new marriage life, but also his new position at the office. Seeing Tak Gu had made some progress, Mr. Han told him to start doing something if he wanted them to win the fight. Ma jun just take it indifferently and playing as a jerk.

He prefered drinking and partying and Tak Gu found out about it. Jae Rim told Tak Gu about how Ma jun behaved lately and how he treated Yu Gyeong since their very first night as married couple. Tak Gu, acted as a hyeongnim (big brother), thought he needed to get involved and help his brother out.

In the same moment, Yu Gyeong, alone in her room as always tried to convince herself that it’s okay to continue being vicious. She’s going on with the revenge. She’s in a big pain.

Tak Gu found Ma jun at a night club, almost involved in a fight. He then dragged him out and brought him to Pal bong Bakery’s kitchen. Ohh it’s a very touching. Both men acted like brothers for the first time. Tak Gu acted as a good hyeongnim whose responsibility is to tell his brother that he’d done wrong things, then he needed to change because he’s married and he just needed to start acting like a grown up.

Tak Gu showed Ma jun their third exam’s theme written by the late Mr. Pal Bong. “The world’s happiest bread.” Tak Gu said it’s their responsibility, together, to carry on Mr. Pal bong’s last will. Ma jun had known the concept behind that theme, broke down cried. They both cried…though Ma jun cried harder that it reminded me of his cry on Mr. Pal Bong’s funeral day…it’s a heart-breaking cry… :cry:

After they both got a hold on themselves, Ma jun asked Tak Gu why he was still able to smile, to be cheerful, despite his hard life. Why Tak Gu never hate him after all the things Ma jun had done to him: the father issue, the lost of a mother, and the Pal Bong matter…and above all, he’d stolen Yu Gyeong. I thought what Ma jun really wanted to ask was “How could you be so strong???”

And I just love Tak Gu’s simple answer (which I think was very inspiring and memorable) : “Because I have to live.”

He continued, “It’s not that I don’t know pain. Life IS about happy moments and hard moments. But when you have the happy moment, that’s not the end of the world. And it goes the same with when you have the hard moment. No matter what happen life goes on and we have to endure every situation to continue living our lives.”

A simple but realistic explanation. From Tak Gu I learn that life is a gift that we need to hold until tomorrow will not come again. It’s never be an option since the very first creation, it’s just given from Heaven. But how we live our lives is an option. To be happy or to be in pain are two options that every living human can choose to run his/her life.

A very good message. ;)

So the sibbling matters had fixed up. It’s turn for the work issue. The directors who first refused Tak Gu’s successful rice bread eventually changed their mind. So the leader gave him a chance to produce and distribute it to market for a week. If it’s successful, the Cheongsan factory issue will be cleared up.

And as we have guessed, the hero always wins the battle as the end.

Watching Tak Gu’s success, Mr. Han started to be push the alert button. He asked Madame Seo to act fast as well. But unfortunately for him, Madame Seo was having a heart-break and finally got exhausted of her own game. Madame Seo then told him she never love other people, but Gu Il Jung only. Her old promise to Mr. Han was a big lie. And now it’s Mr. Han’s turn to be heart-broken.

So the disappointed Mr. Han decided to work alone and finished the game.

Mr. Han set Jin Gu up when he was about to steal Mr. Han’s accounting book. He caught Jin Gu and beat him up. Since Jin Gu didn’t get the books from his saving box, he thought they’re safe. But he’s wrong. The books had already gone. and just as he stepped out of his room, the situation turned up side down.

His men was knocked out by Jin Gu and other Dir. Gu’s men. Mr. Han was then escorted to the Chairman’s room: and voilla! Dir. Gu was there.

Gu Il Jung then gave him two options: to turn himself in to the police or take a ticket and get out of the country for good.

Mr. Han took the second option, but what everybody didn’t know was…Tak Gu had been taken away somewhere. I guess this was Mr. Han’s grand back-up plan. He’s gonna do something evil to Tak Gu.

However, we need to wait until the next episode to find out what’s Mr. Han gonna do with Tak Gu…

Ohh, I can’t believe this drama is ending… T_T . One more episode to go everyone! ;)

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  1. awal melihat serial ini aku tidak tertarik. namun, melihat perjuangan seorang anak bernama tak gu aku mulai menyukai,hingga akhir cerita.
    cerita menyntuh hati ku,tidak ada yang salah dengan timbulnya kebencian dari ma jun.namun, kebaikan ta guk meluluhkan hati majun.walaupun orang yang dicintai pergi ke sisi adiknya.hiks…hiks….
    Tapi pengantinya, lebih baik dari yu kyung. dia manis, humoris,terkadang bijaksana dlm bersikap dan tingkah lakunya membuat org tertawa yaitu min sun.dari namanya saja sudah mirip sama ibunya.pastinya mereka hidup bahagia bersama keluarga yang di bakery yang pal bong.sukses slllll

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